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2011, June 14

Ron Paul for President: Would It Really Be Possible to Cut the Puppet Strings?

Ron Paul for President: Would It Really Be Possible to Cut the Puppet Strings?


The bankers always tried to establish their money as the money of the USA. They tried against Andrew Jackson; it has been said that Lincoln tried to change it, so he was assassinated (if so, one of the few good things of Lincoln’s legacy); they finally succeeded in 1913.

Note that the passage of the income tax amendment was passed in 1913 (very disputed, but as with Obama’s birth certificate, it doesn’t matter, things will go on as planned); if you think that was coincidence or just fat chance…

Piles of evidence for any who want to see point that the president of the United States, like other positions, is a bought position where the winner becomes a puppet of the real rulers of the USA and much of the world: some of the big bankers.

Though more and more Americans are waking up to reality, most are still split Democrat/ Republican (including LDS).

Voting machines have taken over voting, and yes, there have been anomolies that point to one thing: rigged/ thrown elections through voting machine manipulation (software).

The man the real rulers least want in the presidential office is Ron Paul; it seems the guy not only doesn’t love big banks, but he loves the Constitution; and that’s a huge problem for the real rulers. Every other candidate fits ok with their plans of continued conquest of America.

So, the question: would it even be possible for Ron Paul to be elected?

Ron Paul has more or less been and will continue to be blacked out of all mainstream media. Any chance of winning has to be over the internet and grassroots. (And yet, he recently came in 2nd in the Nevada Primaries, and 2nd in the Louisiana caucuses.)

No doubt the closer he gets to winning, the more will be done to stop him, in every way possible. In the end—if it comes to it—it would very likely mean assassination, before or after winning the presidency (like with JFK, RFK, JFK, Jr. (see for the last one)).

Now, the real question: does it even matter?

Sure, no one likes to play a game or fight a war that can’t be won, and the odds keep stacking against the “little guy” freedom lover in all ways.

And let’s admit it: it’s pretty much impossible to kick the international bankers out now.

But is there something that could happen—or many things that could happen—for the better because of Ron Paul running, and an effort to elect Ron Paul?

I think so. So the question is not if he can win, but if we will vote for him. I encourage all to check him and his position out at,, and the many videos on

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