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2022, February 24

Book of Abraham (Pearl of Great Price) | “Super-Identities of Spirits and God(s)? Abraham 3:22” by grego

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Book of Abraham (Pearl of Great Price) | “Super-Identities of Spirits and God(s)? Abraham 3:22” by grego (c) grego

Super-identities are lower individual units centered around one master unit. Some of the animal kingdom is set up this way: ants, termites, bees, lion prides, etc. In these groups, the master governs all the others; each lower unit has their own duty, all to serve the master. Even though they are separate, they work as one. Then there are things like jellyfish, where one unit is made of three different sub-units to successfully survive. Where is the dividing point of one vs. many?

Actually, each human is like that, too. There is a primary, governing cell that orders and controls lots of other grouped and ordered cells, each with their own purposes and duties, to make up a larger being, a person.

I could say I am my governing cell; or, I could say I am my governing cell with all of my cells; but I couldn’t say I am all my cells without my governing cell.

When I have many more cells, can I do more, and be more?

In Abraham 3:22, Abraham says “Now the Lord had shown unto me, Abraham, the intelligences that were organized before the world was; and among all these there were many of the noble and great ones”. Does ‘order’ mean “put in order” or “command”, or is there much difference in definition? Cutting edge consciousness research talks about how we are made up of at least 13 units of consciousness, which are called “brains”; I wondered, could these be intelligences?? Is the grouping and organizing of intelligences what makes up a spirit??!

**Is this related to godhood?**

We have one Heavenly Father. Eternal life is to become like him, which includes His purpose of bringing others to eternal life, in a never-ending cycle, where we are ordered under Him, our spirit children ordered under us under Him, etc. I wonder if we make up one great “body” in the universe.

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