Book of Mormon Notes– How deep can you dig?

2022, June 13

What Has Jesus Christ Done for You??

What has Jesus Christ done for you?? Here is a list of 15 things:

1. He was your perfect example of obedience and light in the pre-existence (where we lived as spirit children of God before we came to earth to receive a body).

2. He gave you hope in Heavenly Father’s plan when He promised to be the Savior and Redeemer, enough that you had faith in His part in Heavenly Father’s plan, and you fought to come to earth and accept everything in life.

3. He created the world, and made it beautiful and good.

4. After the Fall, He was needed to allow good—anything and everything good, beautiful, positive—into the world. He is the bridge between fallen man in a fallen world, and Heavenly Father.

5. In fulfillment of Heavenly Father’s promise that He would put enmity between Satan’s seed and Eve’s seed, the light of Christ (Jesus Christ) graces you and every person who is born.

6. He took away original sin.

7. His words, the commandments, and scriptures about Him, can all give you direction, hope, guidance, instruction, and peace in this life, and after.

8. Because He paid for your sins, He allows you to repent and be free of sin and guilt in this life, and after.

9. Because He paid for your sins, He allows you to forgive and be free of sin in this life, and after.

10. By taking upon Him all the pain and hurt of mankind, He opens the possibility for you to find deliverance from your pain and hurt and find peace in every condition.

11. He allows you to be blessed in this life when you obey commandments, and to have blessings stored up in heaven for that same obedience, or more for when blessings don’t come in this life.

12. He allows you to receive mercy and acts of mercy–even when you don’t deserve them.

13. He will judge you as justly and as mercifully as He can.

14. He will resurrect you and allow you to share in all the blessings, glory, and inheritance He has and will receive, or a part of them (depending on how you have chosen).

15. He loves you, and desires that you receive every blessing he has for you.

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