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2023, January 30

Interesting Experience at

Interesting Experience at
by grego

So, someone told me they saw this short article: “Moroni and Pahoran: A Modern Hijacking of a Book of Mormon Message
By Latter-day Answers -January 31, 2017” at this page: and thought, that sounds really familiar, so in the comments put a link to my similar article, “2009, October 23 ‘Moroni the Man, Pahoran the Propagandist: A Hidden Lesson for Modern-Day Readers of the Book of Mormon’ by grego” here: (started in 2005 and added to until 2009.)

When I went to see the link, I couldn’t find it. Was it being held until approval? No, it had actually posted, then disappeared. Hmm… Interesting.

Hey, I’m glad I’m not the only one who has written something on it, and I’m glad that that article was written. And I don’t think there was plagiarism, because I’ve done similar things with other topics, and come to similar conclusions and even thought processes, only to find out someone had already written something about it.

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