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2008, July 1

Book of Mormon: Korihor (Alma 30): Summary

Book of Mormon: Korihor (Alma 30): Summary

Believe it or not, there is so much in Alma 30 (and in Alma 29) about Korihor that I’m going to have to break it all up into many posts. I’m going to also try to condense it so it won’t make up a small book. It will clearly be seen that the Book of Mormon is complicated, complex, and much more than it seems.

I start out by giving a bigger picture of what’s going on in this whole thing.
1. What isn’t going on
2. How the law got Korihor
3. Nephite social contract
4. The Law of War
5. Alma vs. Korihor–experience-wise
7. Literary devices; irony, wordplay, words and language
8. Extras!

Search “Korihor” to pull up all the articles.

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