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2009, April 8

Is It Good for Me?

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Is It Good for Me?
by grego

There’s a lot going on in this world, and sometimes it’s hard, even for the diligent, to know if something is good for them or not. Look, for example, at all the studies on wine, coffee, and tea–three big parts of the law of the Word of Wisdom that LDS/ Mormons follow. Good, bad? Which is it?

Here’s an insight or two to keep in mind when you read all the studies, and more. “Is it good for me?” can be answered “yes” for most things in at least some way or another, some time or another! So can bad. Is cutting your leg off good? Maybe so, if you have a super-powerful deadly poison working its way up and you’ll be dead in 10 seconds unless you do it. Is it bad to pat someone on the back to encourage them? Yes, if they have a big boil there! I suggest that “Is it good for me?” is usually not the question you want to be asking.

Instead, ask, “Is it the best thing for me? Adding it all up (the pluses and the minuses), what is the result? Other than the one thing this study talks about, what other studies have been done? What could happen if I take this? What could happen over time?” And perhaps the most important, “What are other things that could also give me what I’m looking for, but would be better for me overall?” (For example, coffee wakes you up and gives you energy when you feel tired but need to get things done–and so do many green powder drinks, but with probably none of the negative side effects of coffee. Or better, thymus tapping, which is healthy, even more convenient, and free.)

So, don’t take the narrow, limited view when looking at matters like this (or any other matter, for that matter)–step back, look wide and far, take it all in!

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