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2009, February 2

“Prophets, Prophecy, Mormonism/ LDS, and Christian Apologetics Rant” by grego

“Prophets, Prophecy, Mormonism/ LDS, and Christian Apologetics Rant”
by grego

I’ve been reading a few less-than-choice articles from con-LDS Christian apologists about prophets and prophecy. Many follow the same similar course:
1. The LDS Church is wrong because its prophets weren’t true prophets
2. Here is proof they weren’t true prophets: give an example or two (almost always based on personal interpretation/ misinterpretation of either the Bible or the prophets, opinion, half-truths, incomplete reconstruction/ lack of proper context, misquotes, faulty reasoning, a curious process of accepting certain sources and comments but decrying others, third-generation anti-LDS blatant lies, or similar);
3. The Bible is the word of God, not prophets (but then, what is the Bible if not the words of prophets?)
4. Praise Jesus!
5. (For the very, very few of the more daring:) See here, I am a true prophet.
6. Lastly, but perhaps most importantly: Believe me, and of course, join *my* church (the real true church) and maybe give my organization/ me money, which personally benefits me.

For an example about con-LDS’s take on false prophecy, look at the “False Prophecy” section here:

Interestingly, most who are so adamant about pretending to know all about prophecy and proving others to be false prophets, are deafeningly quiet, without prophecy, themselves; maybe because they couldn’t prophesy to save their little finger. No wonder so many of them try to prove that prophets and prophecy “are over” and the Bible is the final word of God. Then, the ones who do claim to be a “prophet” fail so miserably when put through the same tests they put other “prophets” through it’s obvious–without even having to dig into some obscure opinion–that they are less prophets than Miss Cloe.

Hmmm… Ok, so why would anyone, who truly believed in the Bible, want to believe and join someone’s church unless:
1. there were a prophet or apostles at the head, as the Bible clearly shows; or
2. the person who claimed to be a prophet actually showed a life of teachings, prophecies, godly living, faith, hope, charity, etc.?

I just can’t see anyone else who comes close to what should be. The whole thing does seem a little ridiculous to me. Especially in light of the old argument: either the Catholic Church wasn’t the church of God and so everything that came from it wasn’t; or, the Catholic church is the church of God.
I don’t wonder much why so many leaders of Christian churches that broke away from the Catholic Church despise it, or why those who claim their own dispensation out of thin air despise the LDS/ Mormon Church.
It’s illogical to me, and I wonder if the cognitive dissonance—caused by claiming the Bible, then starting or leading a church that doesn’t fit it—causes it.

If people want to believe something, ok, but I find it disturbing that some websites follow the pattern I listed above. See, I would much prefer smart good LDS, and smart good Christians of all sects, even smart and good people of all sects/ religions, rather than less-than-intelligent and bad ones; and it makes me wonder, when I continually see this type of thing: are the leaders really that stupid, or just blind (what I’m hoping for most of the time, and more understandable), or do they believe that their followers are stupid and thus easily fooled? Or do the leaders believe that the ends justify the means, so it’s ok to continually and relentlessly lie, cheat, defame, speak evil against others, etc., in order to “save a soul”? Since this type of attack seems to have been the trend since the beginning of Mormonism, and seems to be getting worse recently, it scares me about the state of Christianity, and its effect on the state of America, in particular. If Christianity (those churches broken off from the Catholic church at some previous time) is trying to become one, I see two main groups and ways: the stupids will try to unite everyone against Mormonism, or the smart and good ones will try to unite everyone on good principles and work with good Mormons and even (gasp!) good non-Christian religionists to stand against those who do the devil’s work–which, I guess, includes those who feel it is possible and ok to do the devil’s work in order to attain God’s glory.

There are things about the LDS religion that seem very problematic, and LDS apologists have even publicly listed them out. These problems are so much stronger, go so much further, and require so much more thinking than the typical con-LDS trash that it’s mind-blowing. But no one seems to care about that. I guess it’s much easier/ requires much less effort and thinking to use Satan’s methods to gather the weak, than to use reason and discuss actual points and maybe even bring people closer to God.

I guess there is one more possible reason, and it comes from a connection between the few good con-LDS arguments that there have been. See, when that happens, LDS apologists research and think even more, and often enough, even deeper and heavier points are “scored” for Mormonism—and maybe that is something that many Christians want to avoid, so they stick with the worn-out, thrown-out, hopeless arguments and hope by passing them on they’ll stick with at least some people, and hey, they tried, right?

If you’ve ever wondered why there’s so much religious crap out there, unfortunately you might have just gotten a big part of the answer.

There are obviously many different types of fish in the sea, so if it doesn’t fit you, it wasn’t meant to; unless you’re the type that it fits all too well but you’ll never see that, in which case, it won’t matter that it meant you anyway…

I truly hope that Christians and everyone (even atheists!) will become better (more good) and smarter and more Christ-like, no matter what religion they profess. The world would certainly be a better place to live in, and more pleasing to God, which would receive more of his blessings.

For those who are truly interested in LDS religious discussion, the best I can suggest is or

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