Book of Mormon Notes– How deep can you dig?

2008, September 9 is False! Proof on their home page… is False! Proof on their own home page…

After finding “The Disappointment of B. H. Roberts” at, I found the homepage.

That’s right, go to and see this for yourself:

“What the Bible Says About… Software for PCs”

As if the Bible says *anything* about PC software!! Now we can be assured that they are straight from the evil devil Satan fallen Lucifer himselves. Beware, beware! Will they now twist the Bible to try to prove that it actually says something about PC software? Trying to pull the wool over our eyes, are they? It won’t work, I tell ya! I won’t buy their software, I fear it will contain hidden messages that will drag my soul in chains down to hell!

So, who’s behind It doesn’t say; no one takes credit. However, PC Shareware, Inc. copyrighted the website design, and it seems the only purpose (from the home page menu) is to sell the PC software. Clicking on that link takes you to a page for PC Shareware, Inc. to download the software. The company that is linked to from this page reads: “Welcome to PC Shareware, Inc. We are a software publisher located in Fredericksburg, Virginia. We have been providing low cost, high quality “try before you buy” software to tens of thousands of families, schools and businesses since 1988.
Voice: 1-540-899-4203 FAX: 1-540-371-3905″

Why would a computer “software publisher” have hidden negative articles (I couldn’t find them from the main menu) about other religions (Catholics, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc.) on their website? Or is this a religious front organization/ company? Which religion are they? (Luckily under the topic “Lawsuits” at they show that the Bible they believe in says people shouldn’t enter into them!)

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