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2008, September 3

grego: My Critique of “A logical proof that Mormonism is false” by CARM

grego: My Critique of “A logical proof that Mormonism is false” by CARM


“Mormonism teaches an infinite regression of causes. This means that it teaches that each god was made a god by a previous god. This means that as far back as you look in time, this process has always been occurring. This means that from an infinity of time in the past, the Mormon plan of exaltation (become gods) has been in effect. The only problem is that this is logically impossible. Since it is logically impossible, this means that Mormonism is false. Let’s look closer.”

grego: Wow! That is so cool, that was simple to disprove all of Mormonism with that little thingy.

Here’s something else to wrap your mind around: God was always God. Can you? Not really, huh. Is it logical? I mean, he’s been God for trillions times trillions times trillions times googols and more and more–he never started, and will never end; and is *always* the same. (And angels have been singing and singing for almost that long, too–well, maybe–he created them, too, just to have some music in the house or something?) Infinite in time. How did he get there? (I mean, I know he didn’t get there, he’s infinite, but…) Is it lonely to be God, or is that why he created us, to keep him company? So he waited an infinity to create us, and we’re going to sing an infinity afterward to him? Did he create Satan like he created us and the angels, or is Satan infinite, too? Is Satan never-changing like God, too? “Always the same” means to these people, I guess, that he can’t brush his hair or teeth or talk (I guess that includes giving scripture) or walk or move in any way at all, can’t change form (Trinity, anyone?), can’t feel sorrow for the sinner or joy for the repentant, … Whoops. I’ve contradicted the Bible and the gospel, which means that, according to these people, there is no God for them. Is that all logical? Not quite.

Let’s start somewhere else in the article: “As far back as you look in time…” Is there time with God? Can you imagine “no time”? What is that? What does it mean? Any logical answer, CARMS? Help me, because I’m not there yet.

When you talk about “logic” like CARMS, you need some strict definitions and structure for it to hold true. And CARMS doesn’t provide the correct foundation–which was the point of my first paragraph.

Hey, here’s some better logic to prove a church is false that even CARMS could appreciate, I guess: if one facet of one not-clear and not-fully-explained teaching of one church is, according to my interpretation, illogical/ doesn’t make sense, then the entire church and any other teaching of theirs that I disagree with, are also false! (I love this!)

I wonder if this also means that if someone interprets the Bible differently than me, according to my interpretation (which is always correct, of course), then everything else the person disagrees about with me, is also false! And also the Bible is false, because he called himself a Christian and he interpreted wrong! (Is this working for you, people? No? I didn’t think so! It doesn’t work for me, either.)

That way, I get to stay at the center of the universe (not just “my” universe, mind you!), never have to admit to being wrong, never have to change much, never have to give any mind to how illogical my thinking might be…

So, well, this isn’t “logical proof that Mormonism is false”. It can be said to be something that doesn’t seem to make sense given their understanding, and to seek further clarification. But why bother with understanding and seeking clarification when you just know it’s wrong in the first place, anyway?

Hey, if a man says something, and a woman’s not around to hear it, is he still wrong? ;)

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