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2011, April 9

“LDS/ Mormon Healing: Is Ayurveda from Satan? A Response Critique of the Article ‘Ayurveda Occult?’ by Rosabella Knightley” by grego

LDS/ Mormon Healing: Is Ayurveda from Satan? A Response Critique of the Article “Ayurveda Occult?” by Rosabella Knightley


This is a response critique of the article “Ayurveda Occult?” found at:, posted on October 13, 2009 by Rosabella Knightley.

RK: Ayurveda

Ayurveda is becoming a popular means of alternative medicine. Many in the Church are trying it out to see if it has holistic healing abilities. I am sure it does, yet not from the right side.
grego: I wonder how Ms. Knightley is so sure that Ayurveda comes from Satan? I guess we’ll find out.

RK: These are two quite good articles on Ayurveda that put it in its true perspective.
Hmm… that’s interesting, because if you believe the first site, then you should take a look here: According to the same site, Mormonism is a cult! Maybe they are right about ayurveda; maybe not, eh?
I have looked at the article, and find many problems with it, which I won’t critique much here,m but I will put just a little. The opening salvo statement is by Stephen Barrett from Who is he? I suggest you search this on the internet and read a little: [who is stephen barrett quackwatch]. Then, the majority of the article is not about ayurveda, but about a Chopra, a proponent. Etc.

RK: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi the founder of Transcendental Meditation and the spiritual guru of the Beatles is a key player in making this form of healing popular and bringing it to the public.

Deepak Chopra a leading occultist who uses this in his practice and is one of its primary promoters. It is not based on typical understandings of science. It is based on the power of the “Divine Within” and “Self-Realization” “God Within” “I am God” to cure illnesses.
grego: And many Mormon leaders have committed serious sins. Which means… what, Mormonism is wrong?
“…based on typical understandings of science” is a very dirty phrase. Especially when you understand that Mormon miracles are “not based on typical understandings of science”, either. Do a search on mainstream science and “things that don’t fit”/ that the church of science won’t accept.

RK: Ayurveda
Ayurveda is also known as the “Mother of Healings”.

It is also said to have come from Ancient wisdom in which it was part of a spiritual tradition or “Universal Religion” before it was written down in texts.

“The knowledge of Ayurveda is believed to be of Divine origin and was communicated to the saints and sages of India who received its wisdom through deep meditation.”

The occult teaches that there has always been a “Universal Religion” or “Ancient Wisdom” (the Occult) since the beginning of time that the information is acquired via meditation and through initiations from Master to Pupil with secret oaths. This is not wisdom from Father but is said by occultists to be the wisdom of the “Masters of Wisdom” which they say includes Lucifer as the God of this planet. These Ascended Masters are the great teachers of man. They are also called angels and they say they fell to earth to help mankind evolve. We know them better as demons.

Deepak Chopra teaches all the occult doctrines and is close friends with the rest of the leading occultists of today.

If you want more information on Deepak Chopra and the other occultist beliefs I have written quite a bit on this site about him and one of his many movements called I take the vow. “The New-age Movement and I Take the Vow” If you read that full article it will put in perspective their ultimate goals for a one world order and religion, including their admitting that Lucifer is the one to give the final initiation into the new age.
grego: Ok, I see many loose and questionable connections here, but strong anti-ayurveda conclusions. I disagree with much of this, and so does much experience and research.
I ask the reader to search “energy” on this site to find related articles that explain more about why.

RK: I would stay far away from Ayurveda due to all of its history and the fact that the occult promotes it heavily. From what I have seen it does not merely contain occult ideas, but is occult at its core.

Copyright 2009 by Rosabella Knightley
grego: Ok, what has been seen? Did you see much in this article?
So, what should be used in its place? Only priesthood blessings, I imagine? Because western medicine surely doesn’t offer much better. Let’s see: cut your temple of God and get rid of parts—not very spiritually truthful to me… Ingest lots of synthetic counterfeits of natural substances—not very spiritually truthful to me… Bombard your temple with life-destroying things—not very spiritually truthful to me… Treat the symptom, not the cause—not very spiritually truthful to me.

What is the best choice, really?

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