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2017, October 17

“Critique of Elder M. Russell Ballard’s October 2017 General Conference Talk: ‘The Trek Continues!'” by grego

“Critique of Elder M. Russell Ballard’s October 2017 General Conference Talk: ‘The Trek Continues!'”
(c) 2017 grego

The Trek Continues!
Elder M. Russell Ballard

Summary of my feelings:
I wish leaders would understand first, especially when it could be so easy.
I wish leaders would not condemn the whole class with the student they aren’t getting along with. Talk to the student; solve the problem, if you can, or at least make it better.
Principles, principles, principles. If it doesn’t work, something’s not right.
Lay your points out.

Ok, so what does this talk really mean? Truthfully, I’m not sure, because all in all, it was unclear and didn’t make sense. Let’s talk about some of it:


“Many of us are on amazing journeys of discovery—leading to personal fulfillment and spiritual enlightenment. Some of us, however, are on a trek that leads to sorrow, sin, anguish, and despair.”

Over the past years since learning about lots of things, including energy healing, I have been on “an amazing [journey] of discovery—leading to personal fulfillment and spiritual enlightenment.” I would literally be dead, after having spent my family into debt, if I hadn’t taken this journey, or if I had taken the path of Western medicine. I have, on the other hand, helped lots of people who were in sorrow, sin, anguish, and despair, when other things didn’t.


“We must be careful where our footsteps in life take us. We must be watchful and heed the counsel of Jesus to His disciples as He answered these questions: “Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?
“And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man [and I add woman] deceive you.””

I was pretty sure this scripture was about not being spiritually deceived, but let’s continue.
It seems that “being deceived” is synonymous here with “don’t leave Western Christian-Judeo tradition.” Of course, we know that that tradition, which we might see best in the 1940’s and 1950’s, is long gone in lots of ways, especially the “traditional” part.
We have a clue! I don’t think he would have said “and I add woman” if it didn’t have a connection. Perhaps he is talking about someone like Julie Rowe?


“Today I repeat earlier counsel from Church leaders. Do not listen to those who entice you with get-rich schemes. Our members have lost far too much money, so be careful.”

My first impression is that he means don’t invest in the stock market (which the church has lots of money invested in and managed in ways which have likely been beat with dartboards), and don’t join MLM’s (“get rich schemes”), which Utah is famous for. Every once in a while there is someone in the news who uses their church calling as a foot in the door to persuade people to invest in their plan, so I’m guessing that’s what was meant, though that could have been easily said, but wasn’t.


“In some places, too many of our people are looking beyond the mark and seeking secret knowledge in expensive and questionable practices to provide healing and support.”

It would be really nice to get a much clearer statement on this. Is there secret knowledge? Absolutely. Secret healing knowledge? Absolutely. And no offense, but only a person who was biased, ignorant, brainwashed, set in their ways, or unable to see, or purposefully malicious (which I don’t think is the case here), would say that there isn’t–especially as a short search online would show.

I could list a hundred different things, many of them “scientifically proven” and/or with so many anecdotes that are pretty hard to dismiss. Many have videos, testimonials, etc. that show their work as it is done, and how it was real. Some invite you to follow along and see for yourself, right there.

Did he mean energy healing? Once again, we don’t know, because it’s not said. Did he mean anything that’s not Western medicine? I don’t know.

I’m sure if Elder Ballard or (any other church leader) wanted to understand better, he could have requested it and had hundreds of energy healers to choose from who would be willing to explain and demonstrate. Did he? Don’t think so.

Hmm… What is “expensive”? Christ-Centered Energy Healing was $25,000 for a year at the top tier. Expensive? Yeah, I can see that. (Would/Did I join? Heck no, I didn’t think the ROI was good enough.) On the other hand… How about $100,000 to “heal” cancer for maybe two years, only to have it come back and kill you? “Expensive?” 4X more so! Did it get the source, take care of the cause(s)? Nope. Was it any better? I’d say not (and so would the medical journals, lol). Was the doctor licensed? Sure, under the AMA, whose purpose is to… make money and maintain a monopoly on and control medicine and healing in the USA. Unless you went to Mexico, where you got cancer treatment that actually helped you heal, in which case the doctor was likely not licensed in the USA.
I’ve seen so many things clear up in minutes that have taken others years and much, much more money to overcome using licensed, professional practitioners.
So, who is getting bamboozled?


“An official Church statement, issued one year ago, states: “We urge Church members to be cautious about participating in any group that promises—in exchange for money—miraculous healings or that claims to have special methods for accessing healing power outside of properly ordained priesthood holders.” (Church spokesman Eric Hawkins, in Daniel Woodruff, “The Business behind Christ-Centered Energy Healing,” Sept. 28, 2016,”

This “official church statement” was from a Church spokesman, so I’m not sure who was really speaking (because of things I’ve heard them say in the past).

OF COURSE it’s for money!! Did President Nelson do all his heart operations for free?? Does Elder Ballard have health insurance?? Does Elder Ballard pay when he sees a doctor?? Are there many LDS who are paid to be counselors?

So, where are “miraculous healings” that are “promised”? If this is energy healing: with tens of thousands of energy healers, and many on the internet, those should be easy to find, right? I don’t see them. Does Christ-Centered Energy Healing make promises like that? I don’t think so (but I hope so, for Elder Ballard’s sake).

Of course there is healing power outside of priesthood–ask President Dr. Nelson, that should be obvious. I believe what Elder Ballard meant was, “that claim methods for accessing healing power outside of [priesthood] and WESTERN MEDICINE.” Perhaps he is confusing healing = only done by the priesthood.


“The Church Handbook counsels: “Members should not use medical or health practices that are ethically or legally questionable. Local leaders should advise members who have health problems to consult with competent professional practitioners who are licensed in the countries where they practice.” (Handbook 2, 21.3.6.)”

I’m wondering what they meant by “ethically or legally questionable.” Almost none of those energy healing or alternative medicine practices that I am aware of are “ethically or legally questionable.”
President Nelson makes more money in one operation than many poor people in the USA make in a year or more of hard work. Is that ethical? Invest in the stock market, and you can make millions doing nothing–is that ethical? I could go on and on asking questions about ethics.
In addition, I’ve run into lots of “licensed” “professional practitioners” (doctors, dentists, marriage therapists, etc.) who were definitely ethically, and possibly legally, questionable. Yup, the top oncologist in the (10 cities or so?) region where my relative lived told them, “I think you have pancreatic cancer, so I need to cut out your intestines, part of your stomach, [and a whole bunch of other things that will either kill you or make your life a living hell].” Six years later, fine. Another oncologist said to a relative, “I need to stick a radioactive device up your prostate,” then years later admitted it would have been totally unnecessary, as the levels were within range–he just wanted the money. Then, “The small bumps on your arm are from soap.” “Your bumps are just a small reaction to something.” “Your bumps…” Every time it was something different, didn’t matter which doctor it was. I could go on and on with just my and relatives’ experiences.

Unfortunately, that key word “competent” is a real bugger, you know?


“Brothers and sisters, be wise and aware that such practices may be emotionally appealing but may ultimately prove to be spiritually and physically harmful.”

Yup, just like any other medical and emotional treatment. Actually, I’m wrong–energy healing is usually much safer. I know lots of people who come back from the hospital with, so as to not freak out people, “different personalities” that lead them to say and do un-Christ-like things. I have experienced that personally, too. Western medicine–spiritually and physically harmful? Often. Oh hey, let’s not forget all these (often unnecessary) operations that put people on opioids–that’s not energy healing doing it!


“For our pioneer ancestors, independence and self-reliance were vital, but their sense of community was just as important. They worked together and helped one another overcome the physical and emotional challenges of their time. For the men, there was the priesthood quorum, and the women were served by the Relief Society. These outcomes have not changed in our day.
The Relief Society and the priesthood quorums provide for the spiritual and temporal well-being of our members.”

Okay, what if Elder Ballard is saying to not use energy healing to overcome problems, but to rely on your church groups to support you. I really don’t understand this, either. Does he also mean to not use Western medicine to overcome problems, but to rely on your church groups to support you? I doubt it, which shows, once again, a double standard.
And after sitting in years of PEC, ward council, and priesthood meetings, and talking with people in problematic situations, that’s generally a… very optimistic hope, as I haven’t generally seen lots of people get much support from those groups. In fact, many people leave the church for that reason.


Stay on the gospel path by having “faith in every footstep” so you can return safely back to the presence of Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord is our precious Savior. He is the Redeemer of the world. We must honor His sacred name and not misuse it in any way, always striving to keep His commandments. If we do so, He will bless us and lead us safely home.

I think he’s saying Christ-Centered Energy Healing shouldn’t use the name, and for once, I would probably agree. If this is his meaning, he/ the church could have handled this much differently, then spoken more clearly; or at least, spoken more clearly.


“We need to embrace God’s children compassionately and eliminate any prejudice, including racism, sexism, and nationalism.” …

Okay, this is ironic… Because Elder Ballard has just shown prejudice, including racism (only Western medicine is good), nationalism (only Western medicine is good), and offended millions of people with his talk content, as much of the world (including, interestingly enough, many in the USA) does not use Western medicine.

I strongly believe it was unintentional, but I really wish he would search things through and get help when needed before coming out with things to say. And after newspaper and TV interviews I’ve done, I sure hope he doesn’t rely on media for his information, either.

All in all, it seems this was mostly directed towards Christ-Centered Energy Healing–but who could be sure?

2011, May 21

LDS/ Mormon: Energy Healing vs. the False Religion of Western Medicine; the Doctor as Savior; the Patient’s Atonement” by grego

LDS/ Mormon and Healing: Energy Healing vs. the False Religion of Western Medicine; the Doctor as Savior; the Patient’s Atonement


I was talking to someone who couldn’t understand why people would choose Western medicine over energy healing.

See, a common relative is considering surgery (for a minor problem; nothing life-threatening about it) that would require at least two surgeries, literally years of pain and suffering, lots of money (but insurance will pay for some!), continued use of minor medical devices… and no guarantee of success or improvement.

The person talking to me mentioned to this relative that the same problem might be solved quicker, faster, painlessly, and cheaper using non-invasive energy healing.

Nope. “Why would I want to do that?”

HUH?? The person continued, “Maybe because of all the pain?” The relative responded: “Pain makes you stronger.”

Anyway, I first reminded the person talking to me that not long ago, they probably would have chosen the same!

I figured there were three main reasons people would make such a decision:
1. they don’t understand the trauma and destruction that come from surgery and synthetic substances (pharmaceutical drugs). Yes, if it’s “necessary”, do it; but know that even cutting a mole off, for example, comes at a price.

2. they don’t understand/ they can’t grasp/ can’t even consider the thought of the conspiracy of the AMA medical system (not all the people in it, eh): “make money first”, “keep them coming back for more”, using methods that don’t work, fighting new knowledge/ research and change; etc.

3. (this surprised me, as it just kind of came out while we were talking:) People feel guilty. The great majority know, subconsciously, that they did something wrong and that is probably why they are sick (at least to some degree). They know they’ve done something wrong in their stewardship over their mind and body, and have either violated God’s or nature’s laws. And, more often than not, they don’t want to repent or change.

Because of this guilt, they are willing to accept punishment as atonement/ payment for their sins.

Punishment/ atonement comes in the form of:
a. pain;
b. high monetary costs;
c. dependency/ slavery on pharmaceuticals and accepting their side-affects;
d. dependency on surgery, the trauma, the possibility of death, the helplessness, etc.
e. for this to be really effective for the patient, however, they must accept the doctor as their “savior” and nurses as (his) angels and submit to their authority and will.

And thus we have the false religion of Western medicine that many, including LDS/ Mormons, believe in and religiously follow.
(Note that this is different than someone who doesn’t follow those steps with Western medicine, but gets good advice, asks questions, checks stats, and makes a truly informed decision as possible.)

Let’s look at a scenario:
–A man who eats steak buffet every day gets cancer.
–Somewhere in his life, he’s done something wrong he feels guilty about.
–Also, he knows that eating all that meat with its added chemicals, and the processed foods, and the trans fat, etc. aren’t good for him, but he would rather continue eating it than stop.
–He feels even guiltier, and feels that his punishment is just. Nevertheless, he knows you can’t just do nothing about it, right?
–He goes to the doctor; the doctor says to get surgery and chemotherapy.
–He suffers, complains a little, prays about it, and almost always submits. (Besides, that other stuff is just *too weird*!!) He knows he will come out “stronger” and “better” for it.
–Others feel sorry for him.
–Led by his savior and his angels (doctor and nurses), he battles and struggles “heroically” against the bad, bad CANCER and seems to be winning for a while. The surgery was successful! But he does chemo anyway, on top of that, to make sure the enemy is beaten.
–The bad, bad cancer mysteriously “comes back” a while later.
–The doctor and nurses are baffled. “It’s fate.”
–The man dies. (Yes, relying on just western medicine for cancer, for example, always ends this way. If someone lived, they changed something to make it happen!)

Let’s take a look at the same scenario, but with possible energy healing and many other alternative healing instead of Western medicine:
–A man who eats steak buffet every day gets cancer.
–Somewhere in his life, he’s done something wrong he feels guilty about.
–Also, he knows that eating all that meat with its added chemicals, and the processed foods, and the trans fat, etc. aren’t good for him, but he would rather continue eating than stop.
–He feels guilty, and feels that his punishment is just.

–He realizes that whether he gets better or not depends mostly on him—not anyone else—and it’s his responsibility.
–He realizes that he needs help; he also realizes that (as published in a medical magazine itself) chemotherapy is useless. He knows that anytime surgery is performed to get rid of cancer, it comes back with a vengeance within 5 years at the most (and usually sooner).

So instead, he looks into and chooses alternative options:
–He realizes that cancer is not a disease, but usually a last-chance desperate call from the body that its condition is not good, and that resulted from problems he has never taken care of.
–He calls a muscle tester, who helps him understand and get clear about what he is doing wrong, what he is doing right, and what to do to change the situation.
–He “takes care of” those emotional problems with EFT (emotional freedom technique), maybe over the phone. (By the way, this should not, and for LDS, does not, take the place of being forgiven by God.)
–He uses Quantum Touch (over the phone), Yuen Method (over the phone), chakra healing (over the phone), applied kinesiology or some other form, food, herbs and other plant medicines, natural products, EMF clearing, and so much more to heal the cancer and *especially the conditions that led to it*. He realizes that it’s not much use to get rid of the result (cancer) if the causes (EMF disturbances, emotional trauma, toxins, cellular respiration problems, etc.) are still there!
–There is little suffering, except for having to change his lifestyle, especially the eating part (and fortunately, energy healing such as EFT, Quantum Entrainment, and QuickPulse can even help with this, too.)
–Perhaps he wants others to feel sorry for himself, and finds that out, then takes care of that with energy healing. OR There is no need or desire for others to feel sorry for him. He takes care of all reasons he might want to be a victim.
–He is very grateful to all those who helped him heal and taught him much about life and proper living. They know they helped him, but they know *he* was responsible for his outcome.
–He goes with the flow. Heroism is in that, and living with purpose, etc.—not in struggling to death valiantly against a fake enemy brought upon oneself.
–He lives. (No, not guaranteed, but much, much better chances—even a likely scenario, as many people who heal cancer—not “survive” cancer (which is medical talk for “outlived the normal early death this type of cancer brings”, even if it’s two years)—can attest to.)
–He rarely, if ever, makes “cancer survivor” a strong part of his personal identity.

So, where do you put your power in your healing? Is it all “outside” you, or do you meld the “outside” with the “inside” for recovery?

I wonder if the reason why many LDS are reluctant to consider alternative medicine is because they fear to view themselves as their own saviors/ feel it’s too prideful; yet, LDS believe that “we know that it is by grace that we are saved, *after all we can do*” (2 Nephi 25:23). And, why would we feel that way, then want others to save us? Isn’t this still a false solution?

Elder Oaks also mentioned an interesting quote in his talk on healing (Healing the Sick, ) which also hints at the patient as needing to do more than just “get cut and pop pills”:
“Latter-day Saints believe in applying the best available scientific knowledge and techniques. We use nutrition, exercise, and other practices to preserve health, and we enlist the help of healing practitioners, such as physicians and surgeons, to restore health.
The use of medical science is not at odds with our prayers of faith and our reliance on priesthood blessings. When a person requested a priesthood blessing, Brigham Young would ask, “*Have you used any remedies?” To those who said no because “we wish the Elders to lay hands upon us, and we have faith that we shall be healed,” President Young replied: “That is very inconsistent according to my faith. If we are sick, and ask the Lord to heal us, and to do all for us that is necessary to be done, according to my understanding of the Gospel of salvation… It appears consistent to me to apply every remedy that comes within the range of my knowledge, and [then] to ask my Father in Heaven … to sanctify that application to the healing of my body*.”

So, whatever you do, realize *your* life, *your* body, and *your* decisions are your responsibility of stewardship; and whatever else you use to help, don’t let it become a false religion.

2011, February 15

“LDS/ Mormon Energy Work—My Experiences as Patient/ Healee and Critique/ Criticism of the Energy Healing Modality: Reference Point Therapy (RPT)” by grego

LDS/ Mormon Energy Work—My Experiences as Patient/ Healee and Critique/ Criticism of the Energy Healing Modality: Reference Point Therapy (RPT)


Here I will share some of my experiences with Reference Point Therapy (RPT), my personal critique/ criticism. I watched the videos, the healing demonstrations, the blog material, the theories and the work that this method was based on, and a few testimonials. Everything looked wonderful and powerful, and the people so happy!

After all the sessions, I was told I “got completed” for all of levels 1 and 2 (there is one more level, much more intensive and expensive, with the promises being more flowery and wonderful). I got pretty much what I paid for regarding the healer’s time, but almost nothing in what was promised (see the P.S.).  [I went back and checked notes–three things were better, out of a list of many symptoms and problems, most that were much more serious and higher up on the list I sent.]

I stopped for a while due to a communication problem that resulted unfairly in a further payment, but I figured I would be putting the relationship at risk if I brought it up or didn’t pay, and as I had a package deal with a few more sessions left, I figured that would make me lose out on the rest of the sessions, or at least their effectiveness. Plus, and this was the big thing—I kept thinking (and hoping) that maybe the most progress/ massive healing would be seen in the last session(s), like putting the final pieces in place for complete healing. Experiencing it to completion has also allowed me to critique it without jumping to conclusions or being accused of not having experience it all.

It was an interesting experience, and felt good, little by little, as it was being done.

However… as of now, months later (definitely enough time to notice changes), I can only see two small changes (emotional ones) in my life from it all.

SUMMARY: I spent over $1,000 and maybe 9 hours for this, and came out very little better for it.

Quantum Touch has helped with a few physical problems (head alignment, etc.).
Using SuperEFT(TM) I’ve helped people get over bipolar disorder in four hours, and with normal EFT, major emotional life issues, often in less than an hour (desire to marry from 0 to 11, phobia of water/ drowning, phobia of heights, phobia of underground/ tunnels, long-time anger from 10 to 0, etc.); some chronic pain in less than two minutes.
As a patient/ healee with Yuen Method, I’ve gotten over some chronic major health problems in mere minutes, sometimes less (so nice!).

All in all, based on my experiences, and based on the availability and performance of other energy healing modalities/ choices, I cannot recommend Reference Point Therapy (RPT) to anyone for emotional or physical healing.

So, what did I learn from my experience, and what personal suggestions/ pointers would I make to myself the next time around for energy work, of any mode, and with each healer:

1. Be clear about what you’re getting, for how much, when, etc.
Muscle testing only? Or muscle testing AND corrections along with it? Kinesiology corrections, pendulum corrections, energy work corrections (reiki, QT, EFT, QE, ME, YM, etc.)? Finding out your problems, or general healing for the body to use as it sees fit? Clearing your chakras? What does the “package” entail? What are other options (from other healers and from the same person), and how do they compare with each other/ to the package?

2. Be clear about how to measure progress.
Especially remember to use the 0-10 rating system to get logical, straightforward analysis–after each session (if you have multiple sessions, don’t wait till the very end to do this!). If you’re always working on things that “can’t be measured”, and things that measure really low, you’re not going to see the power of the healing. If someone says it’s going to take a while to see results, or that changes are “deep but subtle, over time”, personally, I would STOP and try another—because there are others that do give great results upfront.

3. Start out with your direst problems close to the top.
That way, you’ll know much more clearly if the healing can help you/ is working.

4. Go slowly.
No matter how good it sounds, start out at the bottom (often with a free session). Then, I would start out with ONE paid session (even if muscle testing or the pendulum say you will need more)—don’t even schedule a second one yet. (If you do, you usually need to pay if you miss, and it’s easier just to not schedule it in the first place.) If you can’t feel any *permanent* big change from that one session, STOP and try another healing method/ modality, or at least another practitioner. Some healers might allow you to put money from one paid session towards a package, if you ask first.
I signed up for the whole shebang (or so I thought) and spent about $900, and saw almost nothing from it (try explaining that to the wife (and yourself)!). I could feel “subtle” changes at the time, and they were great, but it seems that there was nothing big, and what little there was didn’t last/ hold. The practitioner was skilled, seemed to care, etc., and Reference Point Therapy has some great ideas behind it, and maybe it works for others, but for me something is obviously missing or defunct from this healing method/ modality/ experience.

5. Ask very clearly, even when it should be able to be assumed.
I felt cheated out of $125 this way—the practitioner wasn’t clear about an extra-pay session being extra-pay—she wasn’t clear about it at the beginning, I didn’t understand what she was getting at when I felt she rushed into the session, then she talked about payment only after the session (I went back and checked my recording to be double-sure). The practitioner also promised a few things that weren’t followed up on. Don’t feel bad about “feeling stingy”—better to be clear with each other than to have one or both sides feel mad and let down later.

6. Testimonials do count for something, but not for everything.
Listen to what people say. Closely. And to what they don’t say. Closely. Look for *concrete, measurable* changes, from multiple people, in diverse problems/ issues.

Copy/ save their website to your hard drive; keep every email (yours and theirs); each call/ session/ visit (from the start to the finish, not just of the session, but the entire interaction); etc. This is good for everyone; there are times it has helped both sides (with promises, clarity, etc.). I got most everything but one critical part of one call; it would have been much easier if only… I find it amazing how much can change from the first session to the last… If you have records, don’t be afraid to remind the healer about their promises. If the healer is not keeping promises that you have on record/ things aren’t working out, you can usually easily negotiate out. I can publicly post this experience because I DID keep records for most everything. Some USA states have laws about recording, such as disclosure. I find it best to just ask if it’s ok before promising/ scheduling, and if they say no, to choose someone else.

Good luck with healing!

P.S. Here is what was promised in the package:
–rapidly accelerate your spiritual growth. NO
–heal powerfully, rapidly and at the deepest level. NO
–clear patterns of feeling less than, not good enough, like a failure, unsafe, always a victim, never having enough. NO
–connect more fully with your soul’s purpose here. NO
–clear disconnection, abundance problems. NO
–more peace, quiet mind, happiness, contentment, etc. SOME; PERMANENTLY? VERY LITTLE
–achieve higher states of awareness, connection and intuition.
–easily access your own powers of creativity, ability to manifest abundance and romance and to fully feel the enjoyment of life. NO
–connect more fully with your soul’s purpose here. NO
–In addition, there was a promise that anything remaining would be cleared up at the end with a much quicker and more powerful method. NO

Had any of those happened, especially the first one, I would be happy. Live and learn, eh?

2010, May 5

LDS/ Mormon: Energy Healing: Occult, New-Age, or Complementary with the Gospel and LDS Church–A Critique of the Article “Energy Healing” by grego

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LDS/ Mormon: Energy Healing: Occult, New-Age, or Complementary with the Gospel and LDS Church–A Critique of Rosabella Knightley’s Article ‘Energy Healing'”



After reading the article, Energy Healing, posted on October 16, 2009 by Rosabella Knightley, at , I would like to put forth a few things.

I have repasted her article here for the purpose of critiquing it, and have answered many charges she has made and asked many questions I hope she and others would consider.

There is another article of hers that I have critiqued (on Ayurveda healing being from Satan) on this website.

I strongly agree that there are some very weird and improper things out there. Some are a little hilarious, even. (I’m sure you’ll find *many* living reincarnations of Cleopatra, for example!) Some are dangerous. Use your brain and the gospel to judge. (I believe it’s impossible, for example, that ex-Mormons receive completely true revelations from God about healing, how things are, etc. Or that healing is best done by literally commanding God to heal and He honors and even obeys someone who might not be righteous (like with ThetaHealing).) So, I agree with Ms. Knightley that many of these energy healing modalities are not completely in harmony with the gospel.

However… I have used energy healing for a few years now (Emotional Freedom Technique/ EFT, Quantum Touch/ QT, kinesiology, etc.), and found it to be very helpful—and spiritual. I have been able to bless others’ lives with it, and receive blessings in my life. The times I have used it would take up pages. I have certainly felt guided at times *not* to use it; and have certainly felt at times *to* use it. It has come in answer to my prayers. (As Brigham Young said somewhat: if a bull chases you, don’t stop to drop to your knees and pray—pray as you run as fast as you can to get away!) Like with many things, they are tools. A hammer is for building good things, though it can also hurt your thumb if you just haphazardly swing it. They are—on the whole—much, much safer than traditional healing means, both of physical and emotional natures. There are very few negative reactions, and those that do occur, can be gotten over. Unlike with allopathic/ Western medicine and (psychiatric, etc.) counseling, I have yet to hear of anything bad happening/ resulting from energy work.

The older I get, the more I realize most people don’t understand enough, generalize things too much, and then draw false conclusions. It’s not easy to stay on top of all new things and judge righteously, as there’s lots of deceiving going on and lots of old traditions are being washed away (for bad and good). I understand that.

Ms. Knightley seems to have taken all energy healing and lumped it all together and judged it negatively; I don’t think this is the proper thing to do. That’s like saying, “Belladonna is deadly, so don’t eat anything in the Nightshade family because you might die” and you go around telling everyone that, not understanding that means tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, wolfberries, etc. will kill you—which isn’t the case. There are plenty of energy work modalities that don’t involve some of the things that Ms. Knightley is troubled about.

I understand a type of thinking many LDS/ Mormons have—“the gospel is enough; Jesus is enough”. Except if something happens, they run straight to the MD! They’d rather get messed up for years, deal with multiple medications and multiple side effects (depression, mood swings, suicide, more health problems, etc.) and end up tens of thousands of dollars in debt on medical bills—instead of try something they fear because they don’t understand and won’t allow themselves to understand.

If that is all they want, and they feel content with that, what can I say? To each his own. To me, though, accepting the gospel and Jesus includes accepting all good (not bad) things that can help our lives to be better—and that includes energy healing.

Anyone with questions they’d like to ask an energy healer, go ahead and ask away!


P.S. Notwithstanding what I have written, I love doctors and dentists—for a few things.

P.P.S. For a good page about scientific studies on energy healing, go to, look under the “Research” button near the top.


Energy Healing
October 16, 2009 by Rosabella Knightley [grego: I will refer to Rosabella Knightley as Ms. Knightley or as RK]

RK: Energy Healing

First let me say I have huge empathy for having to deal with severe pain, suffering and illnesses for I have had and have medical conditions that have drastically affected my life, even to the point of being bedridden for a couple years, in wheel chairs etc. So I completely understand the desire to find a cure or even a relief for a short time. I was healed completely by an energy healer at one time, though it did not last and I was told I needed to continue treatments. I declined once I found out that she had been a Satanist and had been a world renowned psychic. She only left this way of life due to the high stress nature and she had enough money to settle down comfortably and live a quiet life. She was not a repentant soul, merely tired of the fame. Her style was the basic energy healing that all of the energy healers use. I found there was a huge difference between her healing and what I have found within the Priesthood. Also I noted at the time even though she was very sweet, loving and kind, something felt a little off. There was something I felt was not right. It took finding out more about her to put all the pieces together. What happened after my session with her was very telling, I started questioning many things, my mind was foggy. Things that were black and white became just grays. I was then approached with all kinds of occult teachings instantly and it was hard to recognize them as false. I was being presented with ideas like re-incarnation, Godhood without the accountability that is in the Lord’s plan of salvation etc. It was very hard to tell they were wrong. This was a very close call for me, and has made it profoundly clear to me why we are to stay away from, sorcerers, astrologers, those that have familiar spirits, diviners etc… I was almost snared and almost lost my way.


grego: I do not have anything negative to say here. There is a lot of mixture going on in this area of healing—just like there are lots of things going on with western medicine. Energy healing” is a very large group of different healings, all based on similar but different things, and many people also add in other elements—such as religious parts. Yes, you do need to watch out for this!


RK: I feel that you lose the Spirit when you dabble into these things, and you are left with just your understandings. We are really good at fooling ourselves into thinking we “still have” the Spirit with us. When we have taken one step off the path we do not have the Holy Ghost with us anymore. It is very dangerous to dabble into the occult.

grego: Yes. So the big question is, what exactly are we to stay away from, and is energy healing part of that?

This little part is the gray step in Ms. Knightley’s discussion that leads from “this was my experience with one person” to “this is a general teaching that everyone needs to listen to, because all energy healing is of the devil”. It’s not a logical conclusion.

For example, most every official interaction I’ve had with police over the years has been with dishonest, lazy, and/ or wicked men—yet I do not go around saying that every single policeman is dishonest and wicked. Every dentist has lied when asked about my teeth, but I don’t go around saying all dentists have no clue what they are ever talking about. One physical therapist told me he could heal me, but he couldn’t—yet I don’t go around saying all doctors are clearly charlatans that just want to make money.

No matter how true any of those might be, I can’t draw a general conclusion in all honesty!!


RK: Many LDS have gotten involved in these kinds of things very innocently. It has been told to me through the proper authorities that the practice of energy healing of this kind is not to be done by church members.

grego: “Proper authorities”—who are they? Perhaps those “proper authorities” would like to talk to the apostles, as when I asked one about a year ago, there was nothing about “the practice of energy healing of this kind is not to be done by church members”—nothing even remotely like that; in fact, it was clear that was not the case. (By the way, this topic was in a letter, and the response was a letter—it wasn’t just a quick comment after some conference where there might have been some easy-to-understand misunderstanding.)

Let me say that one more time, as I think it is very important:



RK: I state my personal opinion that I have gain through my research and personal experience.

grego: well, that seems to cast the matter in a different light—is it her opinion, or is it from Church leaders?


RK: Though find out yourselves through the correct channels what is accepted to do within the Church. The occult heals through energy healing without any belief in Christ or Faith in God, they can heal at the same time as they deny God and live in complete disobedience to the commandments of God therefore unable to have the Holy Ghosts Gift of Healing.

grego: Correct–just as it is possible for your pediatrician, ob-gyn, your dentist, your psychiatrist, your car mechanic, your hairdresser, your country’s president, or any other of the hundreds of “professionals” and others that you give yourself and your things over to.


RK: Energy-healing I am discussing is done with the body’s energy field and tapping into an outside source of energy to heal the body.

grego: Is the perhaps most famous energy healing—EFT, or emotional freedom response–done that way? While there are a few others that seem to clearly be done that way (such as ThetaHealing), not all energy healing is done that way.


RK: Most practitioners do not know what the force is they are tapping into. They are first taught it is just a neutral energy then later if they get deeper instructions the source of the real force/energy is taught to them, if they seek to know.

grego: I’d really like to know what modality(/ies) Ms. Knightley is speaking of…


RK: They are all taught at first it is the body that is telling them what it needs and that the power to help the body heal is neutral, but when you go deeper you find out what that really means. You learn that it is spirit entities that are communicating the information to you and using their power to heal the person.

grego: well, somehow *I* wasn’t part of that “they are all” group… ;(

While there might be some modalities like that (and there are), NOT ALL ARE NOR DO.

Also, it brings up other questions.


RK: Since this occurs outside of any operation of the priesthood, or worthiness of the practitioner we can be certain that these entities are not the angels of God. Since there are only two sides that have spirit entities that have powers, the Lord’s and the Devil’s and they are not on the Lord’s side, then they must be on the Devil’s side; they must be demons. Even demons can make themselves appear as though they were angels of light and may even call themselves angels, but they will not confess Jesus to be the Son of God and Savior of man.

grego: I have a few questions here…

1. Iif “there are only two sides that have spirit entities that have powers,” are there any other sides or factions or groups that *don’t* have powers?

2. If a wicked doctor heals you, was it the devil that did it? What is one to make of that situation?

3. Are all spirits “on the Devil’s side” demons?

4. Is it possible that spirits might be the same over in the spirit world much as they were while here on earth?

5. What are we to make of all the good people who don’t have the gospel, and are therefore in spirit prison? Are they demons?


RK: Lucifer can manifest healings as a counterfeit to the Lord’s. The power the occult uses to heal is not coming from God and is not neutral.

grego: I agree, if that is truly the case; is it truly the case?


RK: I know this is a hard issue for many people to accept and I fully understand, for I pondered this myself hoping that it could be good, but in my research I have only found more and more evidence contrary.

grego: Could Ms. Knightley please share her evidence?


RK: I was told that anyone doing energy healing should not hold a temple recommend. I have an extended relative that is an energy healer. She works with the bodies’ energy field and works with the chakras. She was told by her stake President that she could not hold a temple recommend until she stopped doing any energy work, also if continued she may have faced worse disciple.

grego: Ok, apostle or stake president… Um, I’m going with the apostle.

My bishop not only knows I do energy healing “[working with the body’s energy field and with chakras]”, he has received help from it, has learned it from me, and is thankful for it.


RK: The scriptures make it very clear how the Lord uses spiritual power to heal. He does it through the Laying on of hand of the Priesthood. Any use of spiritual power the world uses that is different than this is not of God but is actually going around God and His will.

grego: That’s impossible. You *cannot*–it is impossible—to “actually [go] around God and His will”. How could one??


RK: That is what energy healing does; it is the counterfeit of the Lords way.

grego: References, please.


RK: There are other means of healing that do not use spiritual forces to do them such as traditional medicine and the use of herbs, but when you start using forces or energy especially with spirit entities help you have now entered into the realm of spiritual forces and energy. There is not a neutral spirit-energy we can tap into.

Jeffrey R. Holland, “‘Sanctify Yourselves’,” Liahona, Jan 2001, 46–49
…there is no neutral ground in the universe: every square inch, every split second, is claimed by God and counterclaimed by Satan.”

This is not an easy one to understand or recognize as something possibly evil. For it appears to be good and loving. We want to be healed and wonderful people want to help us heal. Many feel that if the outcome is positive how could it be bad? Many good-hearted people are practicing energy healing. The core difference in energy healing and the Priesthood blessings is Fathers Will.

grego: I wish to ask Ms. Knightley, if energy is not neutral, which side is electricity on? Nuclear power? Solar power, and the sun? The wind, the water? Kinetic? Gravity?


RK: There has not been a very clear directive pertaining to this subject. It exists but it is not easily found I will show some references later.

grego: “[i]t exists, but there has not been a very clear directive.” I’m very confused by this—is there one, or not?


RK: Energy healing has been very popular within and without the Church. There seems to be much confusion on this issue, whether it is ok or not to do. I hope showing some data will be helpful in coming to terms with what it really is.

Energy healing through the means of Spirit Guides or Guardian angels is how occultists, witches and others that deny the existence of God heal by miracles powers. Spirit guides are the same as familiar spirits in the scriptures. This is something we are told clearly to avoid.

grego: And wicked men kill with guns, but I am not sure guns themselves are wicked, are they?

I don’t mean to say anything bad about Ms. Knightley, and I believe she speaks the truth about some of the modalities; but, I think thus far one sees there are many problems with her statements.


RK: Books written by LDS authors which deal with energy healing and the Law of attraction are not sold in LDS book stores. I inquired of Deseret Book the reason why they do not carry a particular book. I was told it was carried at one point then pulled from the shelves because of content. If you look through Deseret they do not carry anything that deals with energy healing even though many LDS have written books on the subject.

grego: Many books are pulled “because of content” because someone complained. That is also a reported reason why some SF books are sold there, and some aren’t. Deseret Books is a business, not an official policy branch of the LDS Church releasing statements on energy healing.


RK: If you listen to what they say or re-read conference talks it is clear that they are opposed to these very things, they just do not name them out-right. They instead tell us where to look for truth and happiness. They teach Father’s Plan over warning us of each detail of Lucifer’s. They warn us away from all the occult practices, but it is hard to recognizes some of the old terms like familiar spirits when you are not told that is the source of the energy to heal.

grego: Correct, they do not name them outright. This could be true, or it could be Ms. Knightley is reading into things.


RK: A vital point to keep in mind is that energy healers can heal without being worthy or having authority to do so, nor are asking for the Lords Will. They can live very sinful lives, yet heal.

grego: and doctors can’t?!?! If one were to attempt to use God’s power in a bad way, I could understand; but is this the case with all energy healing?


RK: The Gifts of the Holy Ghost are conditional. You must meet certain requirements to receive the gifts. You can not have the Gift of Healing from the Holy Ghost yet not be worthy of he Holy Ghost.

grego: I agree. Now, do all energy healers not just claim the power, but do they have the “[g]ift of [h]ealing from the Holy Ghost yet not be worthy of [the] Holy Ghost”?


RK: The healers have no such requirements as we do in our Church. I am in no way saying that every person that tries to do energy healing is evil, just that that the power does not come from them and it is not neutral nor can it come from God for He has rules that are not being met.

grego: Ms. Knightley is assuming that the power is from God, and that the energy healers steal it. Is this all true? *Can* this be true?


RK: I am not talking about the Gift of Healing that is a gift of the Spirit in the way in which the Lord has directed it be done. I am talking about the means in which the occult and world uses to heal through spiritual energy healing. The Gift of Healing must be determined by using discernment and verifying it with the proper authorities.

Here is a reference that I feel helps clarify where the Church stands on energy healing or laying on of hands and who is the only ones to do it by the power of God.

Link to quote click Here

Teachings of Joseph Smith

The sick may be healed through faith and the exercise of priesthood power, according to the Lord’s will.

What is the sign of the healing of the sick? The laying on of hands is the sign or way marked out by James, and the custom of the ancient Saints as ordered by the Lord, and we cannot obtain the blessing by pursuing any other course except the way marked out by the Lord [see James 5:14–15].”

James 5:14-15

14 Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord:
15 And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.

As this states there 3 steps necessary for spiritual healing from God: 1) Faith 2) Priesthood 3) God’s will. We cannot obtain the blessing by pursuing any other course except the way marked out by the Lord in James, per Joseph Smith.

grego: Actually, no, and it’s clear in the Church. Those three steps is the best way—but it is clearly not the only way. Has not faith, without priesthood blessings of the sick, healed? Are there clearly not healings—both within and without the Church—where faith has healed? Didn’t Elder Oaks just say that faith can do it? (Ms. Knightley later contradicts herself here, but for the better—she allows healings by faith.)


RK: In my research I have tried to understand where spiritual powers come from and if any were neutral. What I have found was the power comes from either God or Lucifer and that there is no neutral power we can tap into ourselves, for we are either doing the Lord’s will or Lucifer’s and doing it through their power.

grego: once more, is all power either from the God or Satan? If so, who controls which powers? Does electricity bless? Does it kill? So if it kills, does that mean it’s from Satan, and that all blessings that come from electricity, are actually deceptions?


RK: Therefore spiritual healing outside of the authority of the Priesthood is an area of great concern and easy deception.

Elder Bednar said in “SEEK LEARNING BY FAITH” Address to CES Religious Educators February 3, 2006 Jordan Institute of Religion)

In this regard, you and I are much like the long, thin strands of glass used to create the fiber-optic cables through which light signals are transmitted over very long distances. Just as the glass in these cables must be pure to conduct the light efficiently and effectively, so we should become and remain worthy conduits through whom the Spirit of the Lord can operate.

But brothers and sisters, we must be careful to remember in our service that we are conduits and channels; we are not the light.”

grego: Yup.


grego: About the following passages: instead of cutting in all the time, I’ll leave Ms. Knightley’s writings together for a while, and continue further on; once more, I hope all can distinguish between the important things and other things; between things that must be, things that might be, and things that surely aren’t, but are taught because they are either misunderstood or the teacher is dishonest.

I have a few questions that go along with much of Ms. Knightley’s thinking, and the conclusions drawn from it. I hope all will keep these questions in mind and answer:

1. If I am a Muslim doctor, can I still operate on a Christian patient?

2. If I am a Muslim doctor, can I still believe Allah helps my hands, and heal someone—and then actually heal someone? Even save their life?? And it might not be contrary to God’s will?

3. If you are a Mormon/ LDS, and a Muslim doctor heals you miraculously, will you have to believe him when he says Allah did it and you must worship Him, in order to profit from the healing?

4. Is it possible I can drive a car and still have no idea that it needs oil, nor where to add it?

5. Is it possible for someone to not understand or misunderstand a power (electrictity, gravity) but still understand how to use it, for good or bad?

6. Is intuition part of the spirit of Christ, or of the Holy Ghost? Can only members of the LDS Church receive intuition? (Clearly not, according to many prophets’ quotes.)

7. Are mental powers, given the right conditions (please read Neil Slade’s Frontal Lobes et. al. books), that can be exercised by most any human being beyond what most do now, a manifestation of Satan?

8. Is a priesthood blessing “a procedure that involves rebalancing the energy field”, as Ms. Brennan understands her energy healing to be?

9. Is it possible/ Has it happened that someone who has given a priesthood blessing has said inappropriate/ untrue things? Does that make the remainder of the blessing, including the actual healing part (anointing and sealing), inappropriate, untrue, and void? Does that make all priesthood blessings bad?

10. Is it possible/ Has it happened that someone who has received a priesthood blessing has heard/ understood inappropriate/ untrue things? Does that mean that the remainder of the blessing, including the actual healing part (anointing and sealing), was all misunderstood? Does that mean they should never get a priesthood blessing?

11. Is it possible that “past lives” might be misunderstood connections to “the collective unconscious”, disembodied spirits, or something else?

12. Ms. Knightley writes: “Recently many with modem scientific training have been able to add observations on a concrete, physical level……”

As seen in the previous paragraph, Barbara throughout her book quotes the deepest occultists there are as sources to understand energy healing including Helena Blavatsky who is considered the Mother of the New Age. “

So, are all the “observations on a concrete, physical level” also from Satan? (You know, like the dinosaur fossils? ;) )

13. If I were to ask you how a dishwasher worked, would you be able to tell me absolutely clearly and perfectly? Would it be possible—-even though you can pull out clean dishes all the time, and I might not be able to—that you might get some of the understandings really messed up? And if you finally did understand all about thedishwasher, yet someone asked you where the electricity came from to run it all, would you be able to explain where the energy’s source original source?

RK: The foremost leader in all Energy Healing is Barbara Ann Brennan uses a spirit guide to heal; she is well respected and most all books and practitioners of energy healing refer to her. Here is the information regarding her on her book “Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field.

BARBARA ANN BRENNAN is a practicing healer, therapist and scientist. She was a research scientist for NASA at the Goddard space Flight Center following the completion of her M.S. in Atmospheric Physics from the University of Wisconsin. For the past fifteen years she has been studydng and working with the human energy field and involved in research projects with Drexel University and the Institute for the New Age. She was trained in bioenergetic therapy at the Institute for Psychophysical Synthesis, Community of the Whole Person and in the Core Energetic Process at the Institute for the New Age. She has studied with both American and Native American healers. Barbara is the founder and director of the GAIABRIEL foundation in New York City where she teaches and conducts a healing practice. In addition, her teaching and healing take her throughout North America, as well as to several countries in Europe.”

See for latest updates on her or her website


Her first book, Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field, became popular in 1989 and is considered a “classic”[4] in the field of spiritual healing, with reputedly over one million copies in print in 22 languages. Brennan’s books are most noted for their drawings of auras and energy fields, and her descriptions of how human energy fields interact with each other.[1] Her ideas and healing processes are similar in some ways to writers such as Mantak Chia and Ken Page, and draw on the views of Theosophists such as C. W. Leadbeater and Alice Bailey.

.Brennan claims to receive intuitive messages about her clients during sessions. She also claims to see repetitive patterns in the energy consciousness of her clients indicating common roots underlying their difficulties. Her books draw on messages channeled from Heyoan, who she claims to believe to be her spiritual guide.”

Here are some quotes from her book that I feel will give you a greater understanding of how energy healing works. Many books on this subject do not go as deep as she does, they merely tell you that you are tapping into a source energy but who or what that source energy is they leave out. You must look to where they gained their knowledge of energy healing and from those sources the same data is always found which is the same as what Barbara Ann Brennan teaches.

Hands of Light by Barbara Ann Brennan

Hands Of Light: Chapter One: The Healing Experience Pg 3

During the healing session, I scanned her energy field, or aura, using my “High Sense Perception” (HSP). I “saw” some abnormal cells inside the uterus on the lower left side. At the same time, I “saw” the circumstances around the miscarriage. The abnormal cells were located where the placenta had been attached. I also ‘heard” words that described Jenny’s condition and what to do about it. What I heard was that Jenny needed to take a month off, go to the ocean, take specific vitamins, stay on a specific diet and meditate daily, spending at least two hours a day alone. Then after spending the month healing herself, she should return to the normal medical world and be tested again. , I was told that the healing was completed and that she didn’t need to return to me. During the healing I received information about her psychological attitude and how that was affecting her inability to heal herself. She blamed herself for the miscarriage. As a result, she was placing undue stress upon herself and was preventing her body from healing itself after the miscarriage. I was told (and this is the hard part for me) that she should not go to another physician for at least a month because the different diagnoses and pressures to have a hysterectomy were adding greatly to the stress. Her heart was breaking because she wanted a child so badly.”

Hands Of Light : Chapter One: The Healing Experience Pg 5

How do these seemingly miraculous events take place? What am I doing to help these people? The process I use is called laying-on of hands, faith healing or spiritual healing. It is not at all a mysterious process, but very straightforward, although many times very complicated. It is a procedure that involves rebalancing the energy field, which I call the Human Energy Field that exists around each of us. Everyone has an energy field or aura that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body. This energy field is intimately associated with health. High Sense Perception is a way of perceiving things beyond the normal ranges of human senses. With it one can see, hear, smell, taste and touch things that cannot normally be perceived. High Sense Perception is a type of “seeing” in which you perceive a picture in your mind without the use of your normal vision. It is not imagination. It is sometimes referred to as clairvoyance.”

Hands Of Light : Chapter One: The Healing Experience Pg 6

To develop HSP, it is necessary to enter into an expanded state of consciousness. There are many methods for doing this. Meditating is fast becoming the most well-known. Meditation can be practiced in many forms; it is important to find the form that best suits you. I will offer some suggested meditations, from which you may want to choose, later in this book. I have also found that you can enter an expanded state of consciousness by jogging, walking, fishing, sitting on a sand dune and watching the waves roll in, or sitting in the woods, as I did as a child.”

Hands Of Light : Chapter One: The Healing Experience Pg 7

“…I found myself receiving information about the source of a client’s illness. This information seemed to be coming from what appeared to be an intelligence higher than myself or what I normally considered to be myself. This process of receiving information this way is popularly called channeling. Channeled information would come in the form of words, concepts or symbolic pictures that would enter into my mind when I was re-balancing the client’s energy field. I would always be in an altered state of consciousness when doing this. I became proficient in receiving information in a combination of ways using HSP (i.e., channeling or seeing). I would correlate what I received in either a symbolic picture in my mind, a concept or a direct verbal message with what I saw in the energy field. For example, in one case I heard directly, “She has cancer,” and I saw a black spot in her energy field. The black spot correlated in size, shape and location with results from a CAT scan taken later. This combination of receiving information with HSP has become very efficient, and I have a very high accuracy in any particular description of a client’s condition. I also receive information as to what self-help actions the client should take during the course of the healing process. This process usually entails a series of healing sessions that last over several weeks or months, depending on the seriousness of the disease. The healing process includes re-balancing the field, changing the living habits and dealing with the initiating trauma.”


You always get back what you put out. That is what is called karma. As the energy flowing through you as a healer increases, so does your power. If you put any of this power to a negative use, you will eventually experience that same negativity coming back at you.

As my life unfolded, the unseen hand that led me became more and more perceptible. At first I vaguely sensed it. Then I began seeing spiritual beings, as if in a vision. Then I began to hear them talking to me and feel them touch me. I now accept that I have a guide. I can see, hear, and feel him. “He” says he is not male or female. “He” says that in his world there is no splitting along sexual lines and that beings at his level of existence are whole. “He” says that his name is Heyoan, which means, “The Wind Whispering truth Through the Centuries.” His introduction to me was slow and organic. The nature of our relationship grows daily, as I am guided to new levels of understanding. You will see it build as we go through this adventure together. At times, I simply call it metaphor.

“…Heyoan says that if we just listened to this guidance and followed it we would rarely get sick. In other words, attending to the discomfort you feel puts you back into balance and therefore health. This discomfort can be in your in body in physical form, like physical discomfort or pain; it could be on any level of your being— emotional, mental, or spiritual. It could be in any area of your life.

Heyoan asks, ‘Where is the discomfort in your body/life? How long have you known about it? What is it saying to you? What have you done about it?’

If you answer those questions honestly you will find how much you disregard the best tool you have to keep yourself healthy, happy and wise. Any discomfort anywhere in your body/life is a direct message to you about how you are out of alignment with your true self.”


“…I was a counselor in Washington, D.C. During the sessions I was giving people, I began to see to what might be termed past lives. I would see the individual I was working with in a completely different setting in a different time frame. Whatever the scene was, it was relevant some way to what was going on in the person’s life. For example, a woman who was afraid of the water had drowned in another lifetime. She also had a difficulty in asking for help in this lifetime. In the lifetime when she drowned, nobody could hear her screams for help when she fell off a boat. This personality difficulty interfered with her life now more than the fear of the water.”


Many esoteric teachings—the ancient Hindu Vedic texts, the Theosophists, the Rosicrucians, the Native American Medicine People, the Tibetan and Indian Buddhists, the Japanese Zen Buddhists, Madame Blavatsky, and Rudolph Steiner, to mention a few—describe the Human Energy Field in detail. Recently many with modem scientific training have been able to add observations on a concrete, physical level……”

As seen in the previous paragraph, Barbara throughout her book quotes the deepest occultists there are as sources to understand energy healing including Helena Blavatsky who is considered the Mother of the New Age. In Blavatsky’s books she says Lucifer is the God of the planet and is good. She even for some years had a magazine called Lucifer. She explains energy healing the same way Barbara does. We may think of this as just eastern philosophies, but eastern religions were heavily influenced by the occult practices.


Marilyn Ferguson declared in Brain Mind Bulletin that “the holistic model has been described as the ‘emerging paradigm,’ an integral :theory that would catch all the wonderful wildlife of science and spirit. Here at last is a theory that marries biology to physics in an open system.”

(Since Barbara quote Marilyn Ferguson here is some information regarding her)

Marilyn Ferguson (April 5, 1938 – October 19, 2008) was an influential American author, editor and public speaker, best known for her 1980 book The Aquarian Conspiracy and its affiliation with the New Age Movement in popular culture.
A founding member of the Association of Humanistic Psychology, Ferguson published and edited the well-regarded science newsletter Brain/Mind Bulletin from 1975 to 1996. She eventually earned numerous honorary degrees, served on the board of directors of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and befriended such diverse figures of influence as inventor and theorist Buckminster Fuller, spiritual author Ram Dass, Nobel Prize-winning chemist Ilya Prigogine and billionaire Ted Turner. Ferguson’s work also influenced Vice President Al Gore, who participated in her informal network while a senator and later met with her in the White House.

Before long the book was being credited as “the handbook of the New Age” (USA Today) and a guidepost to a philosophy “working its way increasingly into the nation’s cultural, religious, social, economic and political life” (New York Times).

The book was eventually translated into some 16 foreign languages, and Ferguson became a sought-after speaker across North America and around the world, eventually traveling as far as Brazil, Sweden and India to convey her hopeful message. In 1985 she was featured as a keynote speaker at the United Nations-sponsored “Spirit of Peace” conference, where she appeared along with Mother Teresa and the Dalai Lama of Tibet.

Figure 24-6: Hands of Light In the book “Hands of Light”

The picture shows the healer standing over the client. It shows spirit entities putting their hands on the healer’s hands and sending the healing energy through the healer to the patient. It is clear in her book that there is not a neutral source of energy that we can just tap into, but an energy source from spirits.

Full Spectrum Healing Pg 225

All this is done with the guides directing your hands and healing light. Your hands will move automatically.

Hands of Light Chapter 27 THE DEVFTOPMENT OF A HEALER Pg 276

Deep inside of us there exists a spark of the Divine will. God’s will. Many people experience Divine will as outside of themselves. This means they must always find someone else to tell them what to do. This leads to a feeling of worthlessness. I have found that a spark of Divine will exists within every human being. It is essential that you allow yourself time to search for it inside yourself until you find it. It is there, you are not the exception. What does it mean to follow God’s will anyway? It certainly doesn’t mean to follow God’s will as defined by an outer authority.”

Some points I would like to cover based on the previous quotes.

Barbara makes it clear that we are not to follow the will of a Father in Heaven. In the new age Occult we are all “gods” we have the power within to co-create our own realities including healings. They mock and deny Christ and Father as our God and disagree we need to submit our will to Father. Just as Lucifer will not submit his will to Father they say we should not.

grego: Yes, and no. Many people have been disillusioned by many churches and their workings and corruptions. I wonder, if Ms. Knightley had grown up Catholic and disillusioned, and that was all religion to her, would it be better to be a Catholic, or to listen to the spark of divinity in herself, which, if done, would lead her to the gospel of Jesus Christ?

No, I don’t agree with Ms. Brannan; she is close, but not all the way there.; do we not all have a spark of divinity in us? Are we all not gods? Well, yes; but not quite; right?


RK: As LDS we know that the Lord will have the Elders give blessings but the power is known to come from God. It is not the Priesthood holder’s power; it is the Lords. It is the same with the New Age/Occult healers. It is not “their” power; it comes from spirits. Merely praying or saying in Jesus name Amen does not change “who” the power is coming from. We are told clearly that the only power of healing done in this spiritual fashion comes from the Priesthood holders under very specific conditions. This does not mean we cannot pray for someone’s health to become better. But it does mean that the spiritual power is to be administered only through the Priesthood in the correct manner. Also I am not negating the ability to pray and be healed through Faith in Jesus Christ. I am merely discussing the means of healing the occult uses in contrast to the way healing is done by the Priesthood through the proper authority.

Elder Marion G. Romney, who, at a Brigham Young University devotional in 1955
Elder Romney continues: “The consequences of [mortal man’s] choices are of the all-or-nothing sort. There is no way for him to escape the influence of these opposing powers. Inevitably he is led by one or the other. His God-given free agency gives him the power and option to choose. But choose he must. Nor can he serve both of them at the same time, for, as Jesus said, ‘No man can serve two masters: … Ye cannot serve God and mammon.’ ”

These two powers God’s and Lucifer’s counterfeit are what we have to deal with daily and use the gift of discernment to tell the difference. The best way I have found that can logically work is when you measure it by the example of Christ saying “Father Thy will be done” if we are not seeking His will or if persons that are not can access such godly powers of healing then we must come to the realization that it is coming from the other power that is on Earth. Just remember Moses and the Priests of Pharaoh.

There is a good book on this very subject written by a Christian that was an energy healer. It explains her experiences and how she came to the knowledge of the source of the power. It is called “The Beautiful Side of Evil” by Johanna Michaelson. It is a fascinating story of her search for understanding of these powers. The whole time she was always trying to do everything for the Lord, but she finally realized the true source of the power. She found out it was not God.

grego: I don’t know the book, but once more, it seems it’s one person’s personal experience with one energy healing modality. Look, if you thought the man you were going out with was a good guy and you were hoping to get married in the temple, but you later realized he was a liar, does that mean all men who date are liars? Does that mean all men are liars? Does that mean getting married in the temple is a wicked thing to do? Does that mean the temple is evil?


RK: A very defining difference of healing by energy healers is the complete absence of the Lord’s Will. They heal without the consent of Father.

grego: Does everyone who gives or gets any type of first aid or counsel from any human, other than God, do so with “the consent of Father” and therefore sin??

Hey, wait—how does Ms. Knightley know that energy healers heal in a “complete absence of the Lord’s Will”?? If I pray before helping someone, and the Spirit says it’s ok, then what??


RK: When Priesthood holders give a blessing it is based solely on the Lord’s will and the Faith of the individual. We do not bless the person with health if it is not the Lords will.

grego: I think it could be said that if that were always the case, Elder Oaks wouldn’t have had to discuss that in his latest General Conference talk on healing; does that make sense?


RK: The energy healers do just that. They go around the Lord and use powers to heal without his will. There is a difference in using herbs or medicine, for they are not a spiritual power, energy healing is.

grego: Ms. Knightley seems to have forgotten it’s God or Satan, nothing in between.

She seems to have also forgotten that to the Lord, all things are spiritual. Herbs? They’re in the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants. Medicine? I don’t see that anywhere. However, yes, Mormons may use medicine, as Elder Oaks spoke. (People do come here asking “Can Mormons use medicine?”) Medicine has caused many unnecessary deaths. Medicine has cause many suicides, loss of conscience experiences, etc.—if that is just a “temporal” effect and not spiritual, let me know how so! I don’t see how once can clearly separate them.


RK: Barbara makes it clear the information and power to heal is coming from spirits. She talks about Channeling which is the same as being a medium and allowing a spirit entity to possess your body, mind and thoughts. She allows their power to flow through her to heal her patients. She talks about Karma which is solely a teaching of reincarnation, which is a doctrine in the occult.

grego: “…Karma which is solely a teaching of reincarnation, which is a doctrine in the occult.” Whoops. Someone forgot to tell Alma that: Alma 41:15 “For that which ye do send out shall return unto you again, and be restored…” Karma! (Actually, most of Alma 41 talks about karma.)


RK: She tells of her spirit guide her (familiar spirit) named Heyoan and what he tells her. She comes to the understanding that spiritual healing comes not from us but from spirit guides. Witches and the deepest levels of the occult use this practice of energy healing. They know where the power is coming from. Helena Blavatsky the so called Mother of the New Age talks on energy healing and she believes that Lucifer is the God of the planet. Brennan in her book speaks highly of Blavatsky as one of the resources she has gained her understanding to heal through energy healing.

grego: and…?


RK: This is Lucifer’s counterfeit to the Lord’s established and ordained means of healing the sick. We need to stay away from this form of energy healing for it does not come from God.

grego: How does Ms. Knightley know?


RK: I have known many people that have gotten involved in energy healing and have left the Church. It does work, but the miracles performed are not from the correct side.

grego: “Many people”? How many? Who? And they said themselves it was because of energy helaing? I have known people who have gotten a calling and left the church—so don’t accept a calling? I have known people who have gotten married and left the church—so don’t get married? I have known people who have bought a boat and left the church—so don’t buy a boat? I have known people who have … But, is there a connection? And is the connection evil, or the thing evil?


RK: We are to heal people, in the name of Jesus Christ, by the power and authority of the priesthood, and also use herbs which have been designed by God to assist in the treatment of diseases. In modern times the church leaders have sanctioned the use of modern scientifically-based medicine. These are the ways laid out by the Lord for healing,

grego: Yes—but are these restrictive, like the Word of Wisdom? No. And once more, the apostle didn’t say so. Note first that as shown, energy healing is scientific; then note this, from Elder Oaks:

“Latter-day Saints believe in applying the best available scientific knowledge and techniques. We use nutrition, exercise, and other practices to preserve health, and we enlist the help of healing practitioners, such as physicians and surgeons, to restore health.

The use of medical science is not at odds with our prayers of faith and our reliance on priesthood blessings. When a person requested a priesthood blessing, Brigham Young would ask, “Have you used any remedies?” To those who said no because “we wish the Elders to lay hands upon us, and we have faith that we shall be healed,” President Young replied: “That is very inconsistent according to my faith. If we are sick, and ask the Lord to heal us, and *to do all for us that is necessary to be done*, according to my understanding of the Gospel of salvation, I might as well ask the Lord to cause my wheat and corn to grow, without my plowing the ground and casting in the seed. **It appears consistent to me to apply every remedy that comes within the range of my knowledge**, and [then] to ask my Father in Heaven . . . to sanctify that application to the healing of my body.”


RK: use great caution when entering into the ways the world is offering spiritual healing.

grego: Absolutely, amen! (especially when dealing with the ADA members and AMA members—that’s all the MD’s and DDS’s you know—many of whom are good people, just misled to administer death to many people—not much has changed since Brigham Young’s day, eh?!). Some of what Ms. Knightley talks about is true, and those involved in energy work—be it on the giving or the receving end—would be wise to be aware.


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3 Responses to “Energy Healing”
Rosabella Knightley says:
March 3, 2010 at 1:02 am
I completely understand. It is a very hard topic. The point that I find the most helpful is this thought.

The Lord tells us that spiritual healing comes from the Holy Ghost and that it is a gift of the Spirit and it is based on the faith of the persons and the will of the Lord. We are also told that in order to be able to have any spiritual gift one must be living worthy of having the companionship of the Holy Ghost. Therefore if this is true then how is it that persons that are living very wicked lives can be trained to heal without the Holy Ghost? For the Holy Ghost could not be with them.

In contrast we see Prophets of the Lord fasting and praying ahead of time to have the Spirit with them to be able to heal someone. I see a great contrast here. It appears there is a path to healing in which the Lord is not involved, so who is? If it is just us and our using a force then why does the Lord call it a Gift of the Spirit and not just something we learn like reading or writing?

grego: I think there’s a big misunderstanding here on Ms. Knightley’s part—energy healers don’t use the Holy Ghost to heal; they can’t.

Once more, just because it is energy doesn’t mean it is now a completely separate issue than all other forms of healing and life.

Light heals—is it good or bad? What if a wicked person heals another with light? Did light somehow become the power of the Devil?

Sound heals—is it good or bad? What if a wicked person heals another with sound? Did sound somehow become the power of the Devil?

Shapes (such as sacred geometry) heal—is it good or bad? What if a wicked person heals another with shapes? Did shapes somehow become the power of the Devil?

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