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2008, July 18

Book of Mormon: Korihor–-Struck Dumb, and…? UPDATE

Book of Mormon: Korihor–Struck Dumb, and…? UPDATE

(c) 2008

Wondering about sudden speech loss and problems similar to what might incapacitate a person (like Korihor) who had no previous health problems, I found the following possibilities (this is not my area of expertise, eh…) (read all the way to the last!):

1. stroke, probably in the left side of the brain (Korihor is aware that he cannot speak, and can still reason) (see: http://<a href="Right-Brain Damage”>)

2. autoimmune disease, such as MS (though this seems very unlikely to be the main reason for voice loss, and Korihor could still write at least right afterward)

3. psychogenetic disorder, such as conversion disorder (neurosis causing physical symptoms: a neurosis marked by the appearance of physical symptoms such as partial loss of muscle function without physical cause but in the presence of psychological conflict) (see article)

4. possibly poison (article from New York Times years ago) (there ya go, critics! The priests *poisoned* Korihor. Ok, it’s possible, eh? But it would be hard for Alma to know the exact time to say the magic words, and have Korihor go from ok to dumb in a very short time.)

5. One of these 72 ways (though lots of them won’t do due to Korihor’s abilities and apparent immediate speech loss with no previous problems): 72 reasons for speech loss. I would like to study further, but have time constraints; after scanning a few, I do see some that would likely work.

6. A combination, such as psychological, then MS; mini-stroke, then stroke; etc.

7. Medicine/ chemicals, childhood problems resurfacing, etc. (I think most of these are unlikely.)

8. HERE’S THE COOL ONE, and one that those who dwell on any and all parallels between the Book of Mormon and outside things as evidence (usually for the bad, eh?) need note:
“The points and the orifices of the head and face are like the great windows of a high pavilion, by virtue of which Qi moves. When there is chaotic and rebellious Qi (Jue Qi) below, then the channels in the upper region do not move and there is lack of clarity of vision and hearing, sudden loss of speech, convulsions and dizziness” (from A BRIEF DISCUSSION OF The Points of the Window of Heaven by Peter Deadman and Mazin Al-Khafaji , in JOURNAL OF CHINESE MEDICINE NUMBER 43 SEPTEMBER 1993.)

Ok, I know this is Chinese acupuncture and not Nephite acupuncture (or did the Jaredites or Chinese carry it with them to the New World?), but…: Korihor’s “heaven’s window” acupuncture point(s) slammed shut from the rebellious and chaotic qi!

Wow, talk about an incredibly appropriate curse for Korihor to curse himself with!

In addition, for greater poetic justice–due to the devil appearing to Korihor in the form of an angel and talking to him and teaching him what to say–comes this (from the same article): “Disturbance of mental faculties is one of the manifestations of Jue [rebellious and chaotic] Qi. Tianzhu BL-10, Tianchuang SI-16, and Tianfu LU-3 are indicated respectively for ‘seeing ghosts’, ‘manic ghost talk’, and ‘floating corpse ghost talk’. These indications, referring to some form of possession (and probably nowadays understood as schizophrenic type disorders) again reveal a state of chaos and rebellion of the Qi.”

Who says God doesn’t/ can’t have a sense of humor?

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