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2008, December 30

The Judgment Day

The Judgment Day
by grego

The Book of Mormon speaks often about the Judgment (see “judge” and “judgment” in the index), but it doesn’t cover it in depth. In fact, most scriptures and words we have don’t explain a whole lot about it. So instead of talking about what they say, and expounding on them, I’m gong to share something different.

The longer I live, the more I see the Judgment Day as an incredibly complex and interesting topic. I have often written and told others that the Judgment (Spirit World or/ and Day) will be an incredibly eye-popping experience for most everyone.

Here are some reasons I hold my opinion:

1. All men will be judged in justice and *mercy*. Mercy will claim what it can, then justice will have the rest.
2. No one has any clue where someone “should” have ended up.
3. We don’t know how much someone is responsible for what they think, say, and do.
4. We don’t know who had what good things and what bad things, nor who has received extra help, and for what reason(s).
5. We all have filters and have been indoctrinated to look at things in a certain way, including believing certain things about specific people. We have little to no clue as to whether “it” is true or not, especially if we weren’t there and didn’t know them.
6. We can only see and hear some things; many things are unseen and unknown to us.
7. We can easily misread someone’s intentions, thoughts, words, and actions.
8. We don’t know others’ hearts and repentance.

As you read those statements, did you remember a time when someone said something about you, or a friend, that wasn’t true? When people hear and read about the LDS/ Mormon Church, is it all positive and truthful, or maybe… not?

So, be ready to be surprised! As one friend said, he and I will be on the sidelines, sipping sodas and having a great time… ;) I guarantee that you will see people going to the celestial kingdom that you surely thought were going to the telestial kingdom, and people going to the telestial kingdom (or maybe worse) that you thought were going to the celestial kingdom.

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