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2009, November 26

“‘Together Forever’ When You Hate Your Family?!?” by grego

“‘Together Forever’ When You Hate Your Family?!?”

(c) 2009

Why would anyone–LDS/ Mormon or otherwise–want to (get sealed in the temple to) be able to spend an eternity with a family they hate, spouses they argue with and have little feelings for, and parents-in-law that bug the heck out of you?

If your family life now is hell, how can hell be heaven?

1. Get with it. Change NOW. You can’t stop your wife from nagging, but chances are good you can stop or at least lessen yourself from responding, even if it means running out.

Start by choosing to be responsible for you and your sphere of choices–decide now not to rely on blaming anyone anymore, decide not to play the victim, decide not to hold others responsible for you.

Likewise, you are not responsible for others in the same way.

Yes, both ways there was influence and responsibility; you can say something bad and you are to blame, in a part, when your wife retorts; but you are not your wife, and you did not retort; she did. This distinction is easier to see when two people have the same things happen to them, but they offer very different levels of control and response. (Note Alma 62:41: But behold, because of the exceedingly great length of the war between the Nephites and the Lamanites many had become hardened, because of the exceedingly great length of the war; and many were softened because of their afflictions, insomuch that they did humble themselves before God, even in the depth of humility–same war; some people got further from God, and some people got closer to God.)

When you start to separate what you are responsible for, and what others are responsible for, life is clearer and easier. Why? Because you stop blaming others for every “bad” thing you do, and you stop feeling guilty for every “bad” thing that someone else does. You are taking stewardship of yourself and yours.

2. I used to despise the saying that the same reasons you hate someone (like, your family) are the same reasons you hate yourself. I’ve come to find out, it’s usually true, though it’s often hidden and changed so that it’s not obvious to you (or often to others, either).

Clear *your* bad/ negativity in a relationship, and people often magically have theirs clear up.

And when that saying is not true–because sometimes it’s not, it’s that easy–it’s all them, so to say; when that’s the situation and you do your part, still, you will suddenly see things in a very, very different light.

(Many healed by/ involved in meridian energy work–such as EFT/ Emotional Freedom Technique–can attest to both of these.)

3. There will be no “bad family stuff” or otherwise in the celestial kingdom. If you go in, you won’t be doing it, either. Change will occur between now and then–either changed by or allowed by the Atonement.

Be assured, it will happen. The question is, when they become wonderful people, will you still be holding on them being “bad” people; can you forgive them? Or do you have a purpose of making them get stuck on being bad?

4. Very few people ever begin to understand the influence of the physical body on a person, even if someone gets a “perfect” on their medical checkup, though the church seems to be understanding this more and more, great! For example, in more recent years, there has been change in LDS/ Mormon church policy and guidelines and an emphasis on not judging people who commit suicide. No doubt this will also occur with other situations, too, whether it be in this life or in the next. I have been on basic allergy drugs that have made me violent and (completely?) without a conscience.

But, there’s no need to wait possibly years and years for those good changes to occur at the resurrection; just death–getting rid of our mortal bodies–will do a whole lot for most of us.

no toxins,
no chemicals,
no chemical problems (like in the brain, affecting many emotional problems),
no allergies (which are involved in many more “bad behavior” situations than most could even imagine),
no malfunctioning organs,
no out-of-whack (or even functioning) hormones,
no improper lack or imbalances of minerals,
no stress? (at least from certain sources),
no sensory malfunctioning,
no dehydration,
no lack of sleep,

(Not sure about electro-magnetic problems, but I imagine they won’t affect us much, either.)

That is a whole lot, and will take care of a whole bunch of problems–be it the original problem or the results that followed some problem people didn’t have control over. (Many people go for years and years before some observant/ attentive/ insightful person says, “Hey, I think you have (some syndrome/ disease/ disorder/…)” and after help, they’re very different, in a positive way. It will be better than that!

Then we’d just be left with perception and personality problems–at least, the ones that aren’t based on “mortalness”.

And I’ll bet many of those problems will fall fast in the Spirit World, too…

Then, imagine the inherited problems you got before you were eight years old—including negative reactions, abuse, etc.—going away.

In the end, anyone truly bad/ who won’t change/ isn’t covered by the Atonement/ etc. won’t be there with you in a bad relationship, so don’t worry about being sealed to the imperfect them now!!

(Interestingly, it is certain that at least some negative memories are related to physically encapsulated “storage” crystals in the body (in crystal form, near acupuncture points–see “Body Electronics”). When the body is resurrected, everyone will have a perfect memory; and it’s possible that faith in Jesus Christ and repentance will determine, to a degree, the amount of remaining “negativity” in our bodies that keeps light and energy out and slower. Sorry, just speculating a little right here… ;) )

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