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2009, January 30

“Deseret News Censors Political Comment” by grego

“Deseret News Censors Political Comment” by grego

Well, I just went back to check on my post about LDS Church leaders feeling “deep emotion” at the inauguration of Pres. Obama (,5143,705279298,00.html), and… it wasn’t there.

Interesting, because I made sure, after reading the rules: “Any comments found to be abusive, offensive, off-topic, misrepresentative, more than 200 words or containing URLs will not be posted.”, to clean my post all up before submitting it.

There’s quite a lot of heat in the other comments on the three pages of reader comments, which made me even more sure there would be no problems with my own comment. Here’s a selection, to give you an idea of what is there:

To REST IT – We have no voice | 5:41 p.m. Jan. 21, 2009
We have no voice anymore.
The Republican party has become corrupted and polluted, and the Democrats just sit around and bicker (not to mention the long-standing pollution and corruption that has been there too!).
The government does not care about taking care of the needs of the people–they only care about doing what’s good for them and keeping themselves in power.
I’m sick of the “our voices are heard” rhetoric. That’s just political fodder calculated to make us feel better about how undemocratic our government has made us.
So stop trying to fool everyone–you’re only making a fool out of yourself.
CITIZEN | 4:57 p.m. Jan. 21, 2009
To the L.D.S.first presidency;Four (4)years from now i would like to see your true opinion of obama printed in the D.N.I will be suprised if it is the same as it is now.
Anonymous | 4:40 p.m. Jan. 21, 2009
After reading these silly posts day after day it is clear that religion muddles human thinking. Reality and logic are waiting for you..
from Australia | 2:18 a.m. Jan. 22, 2009
We’re just laughing at the whole inaugeration/ coronation.
Was that serious?
Albert Speer would be laughing.
Same jam, different flies. There is no difference to both parties, people should not think otherwise.
The packet looks good, lets now see whats in the box. I wont judge him until then.
Still, he can’t be worse than the other joker you had.
(PS. When does he get his crown and sceptre?)
Carl R. | 6:40 a.m. Jan. 22, 2009
J. Reuben Clark, an eminent statesman and Church leader wisely pointed out where our allegiance should lie (not to the man, but to the Constitution):
“Today, our duty transcends party allegiance; our duty today is allegiance to the Constitution as it was given to us by the Lord. Every federal officer takes an oath to support that Constitution so given. The difference between us and some of those to the South of us is this: down there, their fealty runs to individuals; here, our fealty and our allegiance run to the Constitution and to the principles which it embodies, and not to individuals.
“God give us wisdom and enable us in these times of trouble and strife clearly to see our way, that we may be instrumental in sustaining the Constitution, in upholding our free institutions, our civil rights, our freedom of speech, of press, of religion, and of conscience. If we shall stand together we shall save the Constitution, just as has been foreseen, and if we do not stand together, we cannot perform this great task.”
(General Conference Report October 1942, 2nd Session)
Anonymous | 3:50 p.m. Jan. 24, 2009
To It’s_Chet,
Your post sounds like a convoluted way of saying “Too bad if you feel uncomfortable among Mormons. It is YOUR problem. Get over it. Only the BAD people (non-Mormons) in Utah are not nice.”
Is that about the gist of it?
Because YOU are ONE of the hyperjudmental, Mormon bigots, you obviously have to try to defend yourself and your Mormon friends against the hurtful truth that you are all a bunch of clique-ish, elitist, arrogant fascists!

Ok, I guess that should suffice. (For more, go visit the site.) Those, and others similar, are on the site, but my comment was gone. Or, maybe even never made it.
So, what was my comment that the Deseret News refused to put up?

It went something like this:
“What a mess. (There were some flaming comments (a lot of name-calling), and after a second look, it is clear that mine was not the only one deleted, though I’m not sure why; many of the deleted comments weren’t all that bad, especially compared to a few that were left.)
Of course LDS Church leaders will support and pray for the American president, no matter who it is.
The USA is a republic, not a democracy. (People kept talking about the USA being a democracy.)
The people did not elect Obama, the people who control the voting machines and the electoral college did. (People kept talking about the the people electing/ choosing Obama, the people’s voice, etc.)
Do not look to the American president for hope. Bush did not save us. Obama will not save us. No American president will save us. (There were many comments about this hope.)
There is really no such thing as Democrat and Republican. They are just two sides of the same coin—thesis and antithesis—in the drive for a one-world government.”

I’m pretty sure there was more, but I can’t remember exactly what it was.

Well, I’m not the best at politics, but… I was trying to set a few simple political things straight, and open a few eyes. Oh well. I guess the Deseret News thought something else.

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