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2010, June 30

“Bible: A Few Parallels Between Saul and David” by grego

“Bible: A Few Parallels Between Saul and David”

(c) 2010

—Saul is supposed to be on the field, fighting Goliath. But he is in his tent. David doesn’t fear to face Goliath, and the real problems between Saul and David begin.
—David is supposed to be at Rabbah, but is in Jerusalem, in his palace, in his bed during the afternoon. Uriah is sent for, comes back, but refuses to enter his house and his bed. Uriah goes back to the battle, doesn’t fear to fight in the hottest spot, and David’s real problem begins.

—David wants Saul’s daughter as his wife. Saul tries to kill David by sending him to battle. David escapes death.
—Later, David wants Uriah’s wife as his wife. David tries to kill Uriah by sending him to battle and planning his death in the battle. Uriah doesn’t escape death.

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