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2011, November 10

“Book of Mormon: The Unseen Lord is above All to Nephi—Even Present Angels (1 Nephi 3; 1 Nephi 4)” by grego

Book of Mormon: The Unseen Lord is Above All to Nephi—Even Present Angels (1 Nephi 3, 4)


Laman and Lemuel are mad at Sam and Nephi and beat them:
1 Nephi 3:29 And it came to pass as they smote us with a rod, behold, *an angel* of the Lord came and stood before them, and he spake unto them, saying: Why do ye smite your younger brother with a rod? Know ye not that the Lord hath chosen him to be a ruler over you, and this because of your iniquities? Behold ye shall go up to Jerusalem again, and *the Lord will deliver Laban* into your hands.
30 And after the angel had spoken unto us, he departed.
31 And after the angel had departed, Laman and Lemuel again began to murmur, saying: How is it possible that the Lord will deliver Laban into our hands? Behold, he is a mighty man, and he can command fifty, yea, even he can slay fifty; then why not us?

Note that the angel will not deliver Laban; the Lord will.

Nephi’s reply:
1 Nephi 4:1 And it came to pass that I spake unto my brethren, saying: Let us go up again unto Jerusalem, and *let us be faithful in keeping the commandments of *the Lord*; for behold *he* is mightier than all the earth, then why not mightier than Laban and his fifty, yea, or even than his tens of thousands?
2 Therefore let us go up; let us be strong like unto Moses; for he truly spake unto the waters of the Red Sea and they divided hither and thither, and our fathers came through, out of captivity, on dry ground, and the armies of Pharaoh did follow and were drowned in the waters of the Red Sea.
3 Now behold ye know that this is true; and ye also know that an angel hath spoken unto you; wherefore can ye doubt? Let us go up; *the Lord* is able to deliver us, even as our fathers, and to destroy Laban, even as the Egyptians.

I think most people would pumped up, stressing: “Wow, we just saw an angel!! He appeared out of nowhere, and disappeared to nowhere! Power! SURE we can take Laban with his help!!”

But not Nephi. He knows and remembers that faith and power are in the Lord, not in His angels; His angels just speak for Him.

This reminds me of Nephi’s teaching:
2 Nephi 28:31 Cursed is he that putteth his trust in man, or maketh flesh his arm, or shall hearken unto the precepts of men, save their precepts shall be given by the power of the Holy Ghost.

Nephi knows he can trust the Lord’s angel, though:
2 Nephi 32:3 Angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost; wherefore, they speak the words of Christ.

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