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2009, December 31

“Book of Mormon | Poetic Justice: Poor Giddianhi” by grego

“Book of Mormon | Poetic Justice: Poor Giddianhi”

(c) grego

In 3 Nephi 3 and 4 we have read a little about Giddianhi, the leader of the Gadianton robbers. He writes:
3 Nephi 3:9 And behold, *I am Giddianhi; and I am the governor* of this the secret society of Gadianton; *which society and the works thereof I know to be good*; and they are of ancient date and they have been handed down unto us.
10 And I write this epistle unto you, Lachoneus, and I hope that ye will deliver up your lands and your possessions, without the shedding of blood, that *this my people may recover their rights and government, who have dissented away from you because of your wickedness in retaining from them their rights of government, and except ye do this, I will avenge their wrongs*. I am Giddianhi.

Like Ammoron, he (Giddianhi) claims that he fights this war at the head of good people for the rights and benefits of others, out of the goodness of his heart (or something, eh).

This is what happens to him:
3 Nephi 4:14 And it came to pass that Giddianhi, who had stood and fought with boldness, was pursued as he fled; and being weary because of his much fighting he was overtaken and slain. And thus was the end of Giddianhi the robber.

Whoops! Where are all the good people he was fighting for? In their path to safety, they leave their advocate, their hero and leader, in the dust!! One for all, and all for themself!!

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