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2010, October 19

“Book of Mormon: Pahoran Sons’ Names Clearly Indicate a Syllabic Language”

“Book of Mormon: Pahoran Sons’ Names Clearly Indicate a Syllabic Language”


The three sons of Pahoran that are given are named: Pahoran, Paanchi, Pacumeni (Helaman 1). However, the names don’t just start with “P”, as English speakers would notice; but with a syllable, “Pa”. This is strange to English. It’s true, English etymology (origin of words) does have syllables/ “parts”—such as “con-“, “re-“, “-able”, etc. But rarely are these used in naming people.

Yet some languages, especially where a syllable means/ can mean something (which is also strange to English), are a much better explanation for the “pa” syllable being in a name. In Chinese, for example, names are sometimes given to all the children that start with the same syllable.

So, another foreign influence found in the Book of Mormon that Joseph Smith most likely didn’t know anything about.

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