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2009, January 30

“Book of Mormon: Have You Remembered?” by grego

Book of Mormon: Have You Remembered? by grego

Every once in a while I go back and read some of the articles, or listen/ reread the Book of Mormon, and I realize that I had, over time (sometimes years, sometimes just a few days), forgotten how rich, complex, and amazing it is.

Getting answers/ testimonies are so important to life. But when we get them, we need to remember them! This is an important thing that Alma often referred to: the need to *remember* so many good things that have come from God. Alma saw that many of the problems of sin that the people had came from forgetting the good things that God had done for them. For a nice scripture study, look up “remember” and “forget” scriptures in the Book of Mormon.

Have you, perhaps, done the same?

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