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2008, November 10

Does the Book of Mormon Contradict the Holy Bible?

Does the Book of Mormon Contradict the Holy Bible?
by grego

This is a question that many Christians ask. It’s a good one–on the surface. (It’s very similar to the question, “Is the Mormon Jesus different than the real Jesus, the Christian(TM) Jesus?”)

Obviously, the LDS Church is going to say no, and every other Christian church is going to say yes. I mean, what Christian church would say “The Book of Mormon doesn’t contradict the Bible”?

But to answer the question first, one must *necessarily* ask, WHICH interpretation of the Holy Bible is the *real* interpretation? Whose interpretation do we believe, over all the others? The Pentecostals? Anabaptists? Adventists? Baptists? Presbyterians? Congregationalists? Methodists? Lutherans? Catholics? Jehovah’s Witnesses?

See, the irony of this is pretty clear: none of these Christian churches believe in the same Bible! Notwithstanding all that, many members and leaders in those churches love to preach that the Mormons believe in a different Bible.

Does the Book of Mormon contradict the Bible? Well, that depends on your interpretation of the Book of Mormon, and your interpretation of the Bible. In some places, yes, there are parts that seem to contradict. But then, those parts also contradict other teachings in the same books (Bible seems to contradict Bible, Book of Mormon seems to contradict Book of Mormon). Not that hard to understand, right?

The real question is, is the Book of Mormon the word of God?

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