Book of Mormon Notes– How deep can you dig?

2010, November 10

“Making the Book of Mormon a Personal Sacred Relic” by grego

Making the Book of Mormon a Personal Sacred Relic


I was thinking about the emotional impact that the Book of Mormon has on my life, and why. Every time I read the Book of Mormon, there is some emotional input; over time, that emotional input grows, and links to the text, so that it seems to be embedded in the text; so that there is a link between the text, my previous experiences/ contexts, and the emotions I have felt while reading that text.

This builds up the spirituality of the text for us, and lays up power, in store, in the text—much like some magic talismans and crystals. In this way, it also returns to us what we have invested in it.

I encourage everyone to build up their personal spiritual power of the Book of Mormon by constant (at least daily) and continual (multiple) reading, study, attention during classes, prayer, revelation, etc.

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