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2011, November 30

“Book of Mormon | 1 Nephi 5:14: Joseph–Being Preserved and Preserving” by grego

Book of Mormon | 1 Nephi 5:14: Joseph–Being Preserved and Preserving–Service Extends Life


I was impressed by this verse today:

1 Nephi 5:14 And it came to pass that my father, Lehi, also found upon the plates of brass a genealogy of his fathers; wherefore he knew that he was a descendant of Joseph; yea, even that *Joseph who was the son of Jacob, who was sold into Egypt, and who was preserved by the hand of the Lord, that he might preserve his father, Jacob, and all his household from perishing with famine*.

God did not send Joseph to Egypt; his wicked brothers did. However, God *did* preserve him while he was there. Joseph could have ended up in many places and had many things happen to him, but he ended up in Potiphar’s house and was treated well. He could have been killed by Potiphar, but he was just put in jail, where he met someone who would introduce him and his talents to Pharaoh in a time of crisis. Pharaoh could have said “Good job” and sent him back, or whatever, but he put him in a high position where he would meet his brothers when they came for food. Why was he preserved? Not necessarily for his own good, or for the good of Egypt, but especially for the good of his father and his household.

Do you want to live better, longer? Serve others! We all have our time to pass over to the other side, but if you are living so that God can use you to bless others, you might have a better chance of making it for another day…

UPDATE: Two more verses from the Book of Mormon supporting “service extends life”…

King Benjamin

Mosiah 2:11 But I am like as yourselves, subject to all manner of infirmities in body and mind; yet I have been chosen by this people, and consecrated by my father, and was suffered by the hand of the Lord that I should be a ruler and a king over this people; and <have been kept and preserved by his matchless power, to serve you> with all the might, mind and strength which the Lord hath granted unto me.


Alma 2:29 And it came to pass that Alma fought with Amlici with the sword, face to face; and they did contend mightily, one with another.

30 And it came to pass that Alma, being a man of God, being exercised with much faith, cried, saying: O Lord, have mercy and <spare my life, that I may be an instrument in thy hands to save and preserve this people>.

31 Now when Alma had said these words he contended again with Amlici; and <he was strengthened, insomuch that he slew Amlici with the sword>.

And Alma is in more of the Book of Mormon than anyone else, saving and preserving the Nephites.

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