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2008, September 10

Book of Mormon: The Five Questions the Mormon General Authorities Could Not Answer

Response to: “The Five Questions the Mormon General Authorities Could Not Answer” (about the Book of Mormon)

by grego

The five questions the Mormon General Authorities could not answer:
[and then the five]”.

See this for the questions and answers:

That response, folks, was written in **1997**; and I doubt it’s the first of it’s kind. So that means the questions have been adequately answered now (and I’m sure we’ll continue to get better answers) for over **11 years** and yet it’s still up on the as a reason why the Book of Mormon and Mormonism and Joseph Smith are frauds! Oh, don’t feel too bad, though–“Five Questions…” is also up on a whole bunch of other “religious” websites.

To the principle: there are lots of questions lots of top people in fields don’t know. That includes LDS (Mormon) leaders. Was there an urgent need to get these answers that required immediate revelation? Nope. But we have answers now. Cool, huh?

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