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2009, February 11

Book of Mormon: Which Angels Visited the Anti-Nephi-Lehies? by grego

Book of Mormon: Which Angels Visited the Anti-Nephi-Lehies?
by grego

Part of the chapter heading for Alma 24 says:
“The Anti-Nephi-Lehies rejoice in Christ and are visited by angels…”

King Anti-Nehi-Lehi (Alma 24:3) says that his people has been visited by angels:
Alma 24:14 And the great God has had mercy on us, and made these things known unto us that we might not perish; yea, and he has made these things known unto us beforehand, because he loveth our souls as well as he loveth our children; therefore, in his mercy he doth visit us by his angels, that the plan of salvation might be made known unto us as well as unto future generations.

While it is absolutely clear in the record that some of the Anti-Nephi-Lehies spoke with angels:
Alma 19:34 And behold, *many did declare unto the people that they had seen angels and had conversed with them*; and thus they had told them things of God, and of his righteousness.

and also it’s certain that angels were there among them because of their righteousness,

here’s another possibility–the one I believe the king was referring to:
Alma 27:4 Now when Ammon and his brethren saw this work of destruction among those whom they so dearly beloved, and among those who had so dearly beloved them–for *they were treated as though they were angels sent from God to save them from everlasting destruction*–therefore, when Ammon and his brethren saw this great work of destruction, they were moved with compassion, and they said unto the king:

This is also noted in Alma 24, at the beginning of the king’s speech:
Alma 24:7 Now, these are the words which he said unto the people concerning the matter: I thank my God, my beloved people, that our great God has in goodness sent these our brethren, the Nephites, unto us to preach unto us, and to convince us of the traditions of our wicked fathers.
Then the king talks about repenting and burying their weapons, then he talks about angels and burying their weapons.

There’s one more reason, though anecdotal:
When I was on my mission, my mission president gave a talk in stake conference about angels. Someone had asked him, “Have you ever seen an angel?” “Yes, I see them every day.” The person was taken aback. He continued: “Missionaries, please stand up.” We stood, somewhat sheepishly, having an idea of what might be coming. “These are the angels I see every day.” Um… I knew us, even if just a little, and I knew that we weren’t angels. So I felt pretty stupid standing there.
Over a year later, I was visiting an old lady who turned sentimental in a moment and grabbed my hand, held it tight, looked us in the eye, and with emotion said, “You are my angels. You are my angels.”

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