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2010, December 8

“Book of Mormon: Alma in Ammonihah as a Type of Christ” by grego

Book of Mormon: Alma in Ammonihah as a Type of Christ

(c)2008(?), posted here 2010

Alma is the chief judge of the Nephites, but leaves his judgment seat to save the people (see Alma 4:19).

He is the great high priest among a people who live under false priests (see Alma 13).

He has a few believers who are persecuted and killed (see Alma 14:1,7-14).

Yet, the majority of the people he is sent to save are angry with him (see Alma 14:2), take him before their little itsy-bitsy false priesthood chief judge (see Alma 14:16) to be judged illegally and unjustly, and that chief judge passes illegal and unfair judgment (see Alma 14).

The chief judge then makes Alma suffer the agony of watching others die; Alma is willing to suffer the will of the Lord in all things (see Alma 14:13); and then Alma is taken to prison, where they will kill him.

He is questioned, but says nothing (see Alma 14:17, 18, 19); he is mocked, smitten, and spit upon (Alma 14:20-25); before they kill him (I strongly suppose), at the lowest point, his faith in Christ delivers him from bonds (see Alma 14:26) and death, and he “rises up” out of the prison ruins (see Alma 14:28-29).

I see a type of Christ in this.

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