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2010, October 19

“Pearl of Great Price: ‘Kawkaban’ = Abraham and Joseph Smith’s ‘Kokaubeam’?” by grego

“Pearl of Great Price: ‘Kawkaban’ = Abraham and Joseph Smith’s ‘Kokaubeam’?”


Linguists, anything here? (I know lots of times it seems like something, but…)

At, about Yemen geography, it says:
Kawkaban: An ancient historical centers and a fortified citadel about 2800 m above sea level, the city is walled from the north and is fortified naturally from the other directions. It was a capital of Bani Sharaf Al-Deen in the 9th century AH (15 the century AD) . It is cauterized by beautiful architectural design. Most of its houses were destroyed in the past and were rebuilt. It was reputed as a school of music. It is said that it was named so because it had two palaces decorated with precious stones. Each of them was called “ a star” (Literally Planet”, so it is *Kawkaban (two stars)* attributed to these two palaces.

Abraham 3:13 And he said unto me: This is Shinehah, which is the sun. And he said unto me: Kokob, which is star. And he said unto me: Olea, which is the moon. And he said unto me: *Kokaubeam, which signifies stars, or all the great lights, which were in the firmament of heaven*.

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