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2011, September 8

“9/11 Terrorist Attacks—To Believe the Government’s Official Story—or Not??” by grego

9/11 Terrorist Attacks—To Believe the Government’s Official Story—or Not??


I found this (thank you for linking to me!), got permission, changed it a little, and thought I’d share it:

Let’s start at the beginning with a question that first comes up in our minds: “Could anyone—other than full America-hating Islamist militants—do something like this? Could any American leader have anything to do with this?”

You know half the old women in Relief Society could never believe otherwise—and it’s understandable: they’re too full of charity and niceness and naivite’ to comprehend that someone “close to home”/ sophisticated might be that evil.

Add trauma on top of that (from repeatedly viewing all the destruction at the towers and the reports, etc.), and the natural result is disbelief/ shock—which results in the thinking part of the brain shutting down.
People aren’t purposefully lying, for example, when the girl slams the stopped car from behind, then denies she did anything (short true story). It’s a typical psychological reaction to extreme events that to a disinterested outsider seem apparent, but to a person involved are impossible.

So first, I suggest reading this article: . It might seem like a big step to go from Amalickiah to the perpetrators of 9/11, but the principles and examples from scripture might help.

Second, the best way to know how a person will perform/ whether he is capable of something, is to see his past performances–this goes for most everything from company hiring to gambling/ betting on sports.
So, has anything like this happened before? (Not that it proves anything, one way or the other. Just because it’s happened before, doesn’t mean this is the same thing; just because it’s never happened before, doesn’t mean there’s not a first time for everything.)
Yes, many things like this have happened before. If you look up “false flag operations + history”, you’ll find a nice list of events put on by the US government, especially related to war—events they have staged, falsified, blamed on “enemies”, and covered up. (NOTE: “government” does not mean everyone in it!!)

Third, does the church say anything about it? Not that it must, or ever would, or would even be fully correct or everyone in agreement. But some statements, or actions, might open a crack. (Someone on the web did a political/ historical analysis on President Packer’s parade talk, and what seemed like nothing turned into a big hidden statement I completely missed and though weird and trite.) I look at man of the statements from church leaders (in addition to others outside the church), and there is potential for general and even 9/11 statements.

Fourth, what information is out there? The mainstream media would have you believe “not much”. In fact, there is lots and lots of info out there, with all kinds of unanswered questions–some small, some big, some huge. But without the first few steps, why bother to go look and waste your time, right? That’s why those few steps are so helpful.

Fifth, how truthful is that information? Well, first realize, the main point is not whether we can explain exactly how it happened; to know how it didn’t happen is enough to start the ball rolling. That means the government is lying. When lie after lie after lie doesn’t really add up, there’s a big problem. (If you have children or were that type yourself at one time, you’ll likely understand.)

Will everyone be correct? Of course not. People are trying to find out info, piece things together, find out what really happened. That’s usually a lot harder It’s like watching a magic show. You see it, you know something’s up (well, I do know a few people who really believe it’s true magic, look at all the Criss Angel Mindfreak show people’s comments, the David Blaine show people’s comments–they KNOW he really did just…), you’re looking. You need a new frame of mind, different viewpoints, possible ways, understand the tools available, the viewpoints and assumptions of the viewers, etc. Each step shows you’re going in the right or the wrong direction, but it’s a step forward. Just like a bunch of people talking about how the magician did the trick (or even if it was a trick instead of real magic), the wrong comments are still helpful to brainstorm the correct/ more possible answer. Whether you get to the final exact conclusion, it is noted there are possible ways to create the illusion, and also it didn’t happen the way the magician says.
Are there possible answers to how much of 9/11 happened? Yes, there are.
Check out these: , .

Does the government have an explanation for everything? Those guilty in the government will ALWAYS either have an explanation (plausible or not, of course the more plausible the better) or ignore what it can’t explain, at least for the moment (even though they have all they should need to explain everything).
But what happens when lie after lie is exposed, only to have a “new solution” for the problem be given? This is typical of the pathological liar. They’ll say A, then when you say A was impossible, they’ll say B, then when B looks bad, they’ll say B2, not B1, etc. Look at the phone calls, for example. Whoops, cell phones might be impossible? Let’s slow the planes down, get them lower. Whoops, still a problem, let’s get out before we look too bad, they were really airplane phone calls, not cell phones. Whoops, records don’t check out…
But guess what? People get tired and mad, every time a new “correct” explanation is given all the believers nod their heads, until nonbelievers get tired of the game, and no one’s listening anymore anyway…

Are there any coincidences? Sure, one or two or three might not cause us to think much… But when they start adding up, there’s SOMETHING going on. What, who really knows, but something surely is up.
Check this out: That’s a mighty list of coincidences, and boy, those are big and WELL-BENEFITING coincidences. And this: .

Who benefits? What are most people after? Ahhhh… MONEY and POWER. That’s what most worldly people are after, right? So, did anyone get any? If so, who, and how, and why? Follow the money and power trail, that’s the strongest. Where does it lead in 9/11? To those high up in the US government, to those high up in the Israeli government, to private movers and shakers with special privileges, to Zionist groups and members.

On top of the coincidences, put money and power, and you have some things that should cause your head to whip around, like the financial situation with the towers that Col. Flagg explained, and like this:
“We just lost 2.3 trillion dollars in the Pentagon”, but luckily the records tracking the money were all destroyed the next day in the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon. Well, wipe the board! Aren’t we so lucky!
And on and on…

So, maybe it did happen close to the official government story. Or, maybe the conspiracy theorists have a much better idea of how it did happen, but are clear on one thing: it didn’t happen the way the government would have use believe it did.

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