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2017, July 7

Book of Mormon: The Brother of Jared or Jared–Who Was Older? by grego

Book of Mormon: Who is Older–The Brother of Jared or Jared? by grego

Just like in the article “Book of Mormon: Ammon or Aaron–Who Was Older?”, the Chinese translation of the Book of Mormon makes me wonder… The brother of Jared (Mahonri) is called the “older brother”, while Jared is called the “younger brother”. I used to think that way, but experiences with siblings, the story of Joseph Smith and others, and especially another part of the Book of Mormon make me believe that Jared was older than Mahonri.

Joseph was the prophet, Alvin (Hyrum taking his place after his death) the older brother who supported him in his calling and gifts.

When choosing a king, notice how the people do it, where they start:
Ether 6:19 And the brother of Jared began to be old, and saw that he must soon go down to the grave; wherefore he said unto Jared: Let us gather together our people that we may number them, that we may know of them what they will desire of us before we go down to our graves.
20 And accordingly the people were gathered together. Now the number of the sons and the daughters of the brother of Jared were twenty and two souls; and the number of sons and daughters of Jared were twelve, he having four sons.
21 And it came to pass that they did number their people; and after that they had numbered them, they did desire of them the things which they would that they should do before they went down to their graves.
22 And it came to pass that the people desired of them that they should anoint one of their sons to be a king over them.
23 And now behold, this was grievous unto them. And the brother of Jared said unto them: Surely this thing leadeth into captivity.
24 But Jared said unto his brother: Suffer them that they may have a king. And therefore he said unto them: Choose ye out from among our sons a king, even whom ye will.
25 And it came to pass that they chose even the firstborn of the brother of Jared; and his name was Pagag. And it came to pass that he refused and would not be their king. And the people would that his father should constrain him, but his father would not; and he commanded them that they should constrain no man to be their king.
26 And it came to pass that they chose all the brothers of Pagag, and they would not.
27 And it came to pass that neither would the sons of Jared, even all save it were one; and Orihah was anointed to be king over the people.
28 And he began to reign, and the people began to prosper; and they became exceedingly rich.
29 And it came to pass that Jared died, and his brother also.

They choose all the sons of Jared, starting at the oldest; THEN they choose all the sons of Mahonri, but only one accepts, Orihah, who seems to be the youngest, and the last to be asked (otherwise, the “even all save” part wouldn’t be in there). It seems right that Jared is the older of the two.

I will write about the youngest being chosen king in another article.



  1. There are exceptions to every rule. Nephi wasn’t the oldest brother, and neither was Joseph, son of Jacob.

    Comment by rozylass — 2017, July 8 @ 2:36 am

  2. Right!

    Comment by grego — 2017, July 8 @ 3:34 am

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