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2013, August 20

Pearl of Great Price: “God Delivered Abraham ‘From the Gods of Elkenah’ (Abraham 2:13)” by grego

Pearl of Great Price: God Delivered Abraham “From the Gods of Elkenah” (Abraham 2:13)


Abraham says something I thought very interesting:
13 Thou didst send thine angel to deliver me from the gods of Elkenah, and I will do well to hearken unto thy voice, therefore let thy servant rise up and depart in peace.

Abraham does not say “from the priest of the false non-existent god of Elkenah” or such.

I guess the “pantheon of gods” idea might have a little support here…


  1. this is a bazaar post buddy. Are you suggesting that we should entertain the notion that there are other gods we should concern ourselves with?

    Comment by wloumeau — 2013, December 25 @ 1:43 pm

  2. Short answer: No, not to concern ourselves with.

    For those who know about the pantheon of Gods, this post shouldn’t be too bizarre–not really evidence, but a short possible thought. This is more in the line of the god Tash, in C.S. Lewis’ “The Last Battle” (Book 7 in “The Narnia Chronicles”), about page 149, “Through the Stable Door”–.

    Comment by grego — 2013, December 28 @ 12:47 am

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