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2012, May 11

“Book of Mormon: When Were the Jaredites Destroyed–Moroni’s Clue?” by grego

Book of Mormon: When Were the Jaredites Destroyed–Moroni’s Clue?



(c) 2012

I’ve seen all kinds of dates for when the Jaredites were destroyed. I’d like to present something here that I can’t believe I’ve missed for so long, I guess you could say I didn’t know I knew it.

Ether 12:5 And he spake also concerning the house of Israel, and THE JERUSALEM FROM WHENCE LEHI **SHOULD** COME…

There it is. That’s it. Moroni writes that when Ether preached about Jerusalem, Lehi hadn’t left Jerusalem yet.

So where does that put the Jaredites, timewise?

According to the record of Ether, there are about 14-16 years between the time he preaches about Jersualem (and Lehi hadn’t left yet), to the destruction of the Jaredites. So, with Lehi in the desert for eight years, on the shores for a short time, and traveling across the sea for less than a year, at the most the record allows that the Jaredites still lived in the land for six years after the Lehites landed. At the least, the Jaredites and the Lehites lived “nearby” for four years. For the Mulekites, it might have been even less–thus it’s very possible that Coriantumr might have met them almost right after they arrived.

If Moroni wrote correctly, and the interpretation is correct, this conclusion is very different than the hundreds of years of nearby co-existence that others have estimated.

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  1. Actually it is Ether 13:5.

    Comment by Danel W. Bachman — 2018, February 12 @ 10:53 pm

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