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2012, January 2

Book of Mormon: Resource Page for Nephi-Laban-Brass Plates; Nephi; Laman and Lemuel; Lehi

Book of Mormon: Resource Page for Nephi-Laban-Brass Plates; Nephi; Laman and Lemuel; Lehi


Here’s a convenient list of site articles mostly about 1 Nephi:

Getting the Brass Plates from Laban:

More about Nephi:

Laman and Lemuel:



  1. Hi I just found your blog and it has already blessed me in preparing my lesson for my primary class, I am impressed with the amount of wealth and knowledge you have dogged out of the BoM, I am a somewhat recent convert (10 months) and still struggle with reading scriptures (much more to understand them) but reading your posts about the 3 episodes of the brass plates brought my understanding to a whole different level, THANK YOU!

    I only wished I would’ve found this last summer, I was going with my ward’s missionaries to an investigators house to help teach the lessons and share my testimony, and she was so into it you could just see she knew it was True, until she read the part where Nephi kills Laban, and then she just couldn’t understand how God could’ve asked someone to kill, the missionaries and myself tried our best to explain how important the brass plates were and how he was so wicked but she still did not get it and eventually stopped investigating, If I had seen your blog then I could’ve used your awesome explanation to brake it down for her and help her see that it was God’s work and Nephi was a righteous man, honestly I don’t think I even understood it all that well, until today because of your post, you are an amazing person, not only for going in so deep but for sharing your thoughts and insights about it.

    Thank you for doing this and please keep enlightening those who don’t have that sense of understanding (like me!)

    Comment by Vanessa — 2012, January 15 @ 3:23 am

  2. “Thank you for doing this and please keep enlightening those who don’t have that sense of understanding (like me!)”


    Thanks for leaving your comment! I’ve been writing for a few years, and I get no support from family and receive so few comments I really wonder sometimes if anyone is getting much from them, and it’s nice to get a comment like that, especially after a dry season. :)

    I visited a man once and asked if he was reading the Book of Mormon. He waved his hand, and said “I read it all 40 years ago.” As if to say, he had gotten it all that one time. I have a little time, so I guess this is something I can do that might encourage people to see that there’s so much in the Book of Mormon that our lesson manuals can’t ever start to cover. I had so many question when I was younger but not even the seminary and institute manuals answered them, and no one else seemed to be able to answer them, either (if I even knew who to ask). I would have loved it! Yet at the same time, it was like someone was saying: if no one has done it, maybe you can.

    It’s taken multiple readings (and I mean MULTIPLE) to get lots of what I’ve gotten, and it’s not my brain as much as the Spirit (though I’m hardly the most spiritual guy). But if I read or hear something, and there might be a possible insight or connection, I try to write right away. Then in many cases it just seems to write itself. And I figure if I’m going to study anyway, why not share? Which also helps me to be more certain and more “pat” about it all, so it’s not just an idea/ theory as it would otherwise most likely be. It can be hard work, but I love the discovery. I am amazed at what I have found, and amazed that there is still more. Unfortunately the three episodes is one of my best articles…

    In addition to multiple readings, life experiences and testimonies help a lot. I’ve lived outside the USA, and I’ve found that that opens up more space in my mind and heart; in addition, I’ve had much more use of my peripheral vision in the past while, and believe it or not, that actually helps with your thinking and viewpoint.

    I am amazed at how converts seem to get in just a few years of good study what seems like took me many, many years (though I’m very happy that happens, no jealousy, though sometimes maybe a little envy (the good kind))! I do know that if you keep studying, you will find much more–the well will never run dry.


    P.S. If the boys in Primary are like I was, I’m guessing at least some won’t need much help with understanding Nephi killing Laban. ;)

    Comment by grego — 2012, January 15 @ 11:02 pm

  3. HaHa you were right on about the boys in Primary, it was no big deal, the girls however, were shocked! so once again thanks to your explanation they left Church with a greater understanding on the Book of Mormon and one of them actually told me “but then he wasn’t murdered, like in a bad way” (She totally got it) Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am your greatest fan, along with the valiant 9 kids in our ward.

    Comment by Vanessa — 2012, January 17 @ 3:26 pm

  4. Awesome, Vanessa! I wouldn’t have expected that post or others to be used for Primary children and had never written that way, but it’s WONDERFUL to hear that it helped. Thank you!!
    P.S. I taught Primary for a few months in between my mission: Valiant 9! Some of them ARE pretty smart.

    Comment by grego — 2012, January 18 @ 1:13 am

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