Book of Mormon Notes– How deep can you dig?

2011, September 26

“God and Miracles” by grego

God and Miracles


How does God do miracles? I see two main camps: God has to do everything by mysterious miracles; or, God does nothing by miracles, but by “mainstream science” science.

The first camp would have use believe that everything God does is unexplainable/ mysterious, and that “good enough” always works as a final explanation, and that even more thinking might actually cause harm.

The second camp would have us believe that there has to be a way a miracle was performed that we can currently understand, or it didn’t happen, and that science is just plain old science.

I prefer the third camp: God does miracles, but He often uses his own ranking: from the simplest, easiest, earthly means possible, on up to the outright miracle.

For example, He could have had the Book of Mormon already translated into all the languages of the world, and had them show up when needed (not even an angel needed!). Instead, He had an angel prepare a young man to receive the original records and translate them over time, and translate that into other languages.
He could give a daily schedule to the missionaries and tell them exactly where to go and what to say every day. Or better yet, just send all his sheep to the church where the missionaries can preach without having to find. Instead, He lets them work a lot, much of it fruitless, yet still guides them when needed.
He could tell you whom to marry, how to contact them, and when. Or at least offer a few choices! Instead, He offers general principles and guidelines, and lets you go for it, crash and burn, not marry the best person for you, and maybe even get divorced.
He could make your car run without gas or an engine or a battery, but He will most likely prompt someone to stop and help you/ get you help.
And with all that, He allows prayer and every so often gives somewhat clear and immediate responses. And blessings, and other help from heaven—as needed.
Yes, there is purpose to His ways.

“He did it” *is* enough. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t a *way* He did it, nor that we shouldn’t try to understand that way. Yes, simple answers of plain miracles suffice—but there is often much more to it than that, and it’s often to our benefit to understand.

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