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2011, August 31

“Girl in Taiwan Might Get Three Years in Jail for Saving Mom’s Life with a CO2 Gun from Boxcutter Boyfriend; ‘Premeditated Injury'” by grego

Girl in Taiwan Might Get Three Years in Jail for Saving Mom’s Life with a CO2 Gun from Boxcutter Boyfriend; “Premeditated Injury”


A girl in Taiwan (a non-ownership gun country) will go to trial for using a CO2 cartridge gun to save her mom’s life.

The mom’s boyfriend was using a boxcutter to stab her mom; her mom cried out for help. Her daughter ran to her room, grabbed the gun, came back, and shot the man 8 times. He stopped stabbing her mom; the police came; the nightmare was over.

Well, not really.

See, the girl could get up to THREE YEARS OF JAIL for what she did.

No, the legal gun is not really the issue, the police say. The real issue is that it wasn’t really protection/ defense.


Because she had to run to her room to get the gun!! See, thus, it became a premeditated crime! True defense would have her run into the room and die along with her mom.

Yea, who knows, maybe the boyfriend will get out of jail before her… X(

If you’re thinking, Huh?? right now…

We know how bad being violent is. But this story makes you wonder how screwed up countries (not just people) can get sometimes when they are trying to be pacifists. Taiwan, get a clue and wake up before it’s too late; before you get put out for good by people with guns who aren’t going to be hesitating, thinking that running to a room in an emergency to grab a CO2 gun is immoral and therefore shouldn’t be done…

You’re training your own people to be stupid sitting ducks. While your gang problem grows, and you encourage people to rely on the police for any type of self-defense through cases like this, your safety/ security infrastructure will collapse, taking many lives with it.

People have a basic right to defend themselves.

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