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2011, July 7

“Book of Mormon: Alma 30: Korihor–Will I Ever Be Like That??” by grego

Book of Mormon: Alma 30: Korihor–Will I Ever Be Like That??


(If you are looking for articles about Korihor/ Alma 30, use “Search” to find many more—it’s one of the biggest sections on this blog!)

As I was reading Alma 30, I thought of how I am sometimes, and how my children are. Just the other day one of them was really stubborn—couldn’t wait, didn’t want to listen, had to do what she wanted to do, etc.—to the point that there were problems…

Korihor wasn’t just a liar; he was an unrepentant obstinate liar that no matter what Alma or anyone else said, he just would not stop. And he was irresponsible, too—it was Satan’s fault, and I got tricked!

I put myself in Alma’s shoes; I felt Alma’s pain.

I put myself in Korihor’s shoes; I felt the weight of the consequences of his hard-heartedness and his stiff-neckedness.

I wondered, Would I ever do that? Would I recognize the need to STOP by at least the last point?

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