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2011, June 30

“Book of Mormon: Helaman 8:17: ‘Filled with Gladness and Did Rejoice’; Abraham Sees Jesus Christ in Genesis 15 (Joseph Smith Translation)” by grego

Book of Mormon | Helaman 8:17: Abraham ‘Filled with Gladness and Did Rejoice’; Abraham Sees Jesus Christ in Genesis 15 (Joseph Smith Translation)


In Helaman 8:17, Nephi says: “Yea, and behold, Abraham saw of his (the Messiah/ Son of God) coming, and was filled with gladness and did rejoice”. Where might he have been sourcing from—the Old Testament? In Genesis?

I remember search for this before, and might have found one possible verse. Rechecking, I can’t find it. Relying on the footnotes in the KJV Bible, I find nothing.

There is this, in the New Testament:
Jesus says: John 8:56 Your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day: and he saw it, and was glad.

And in the Joseph Smith Translation of Genesis, one reads:
Genesis 15:9 And Abram said, Lord God, how wilt thou give me this land for an everlasting inheritance?
10 And the Lord said, Though thou wast dead, yet am I not able to give it thee?
11 And if thou shalt die, yet thou shalt possess it, for the day cometh, that the Son of Man shall live; but how can he live if he be not dead? he must first be quickened.
12 And it came to pass, that *Abram looked forth and saw the days of the Son of Man, and was glad, and his soul found rest*, and he believed in the Lord; and the Lord counted it unto him for righteousness.

I’ll keep checking…

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