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2011, June 8

“Book of Mormon: Alma 31-35: Who Had the Most Convenient God: Nehor, Korihor, or the Zoramites?” by grego

Book of Mormon: Alma 31-35: Who Had the Most Convenient God: Nehor, Korihor, or the Zoramites?


Ah, convenience! It’s the call word of the day. And wouldn’t it be so great if God and his commandments were convenient like everything else, too?

Well, look no further than the god of the Zoramites, a very convenient God.

The god of Nehor was convenient, but there were a few problems with him:
1. he saved *everyone*—even the idiots, the losers, the ugly, the poor. A god who does that, just can’t be cool.
2. salvation was free for everyone.
3. there was no true way to control the people and keep the priests on top–if everyone everywhere was saved, everything’s all said and done!

The god of Korihor was convenient, but there were a few problems with him:
1. since there is no god, well, there’s an emptiness in the soul.
2. since there is no god, there’s no need for religion or priests = no control over the people.
3. it’s not fun when life doesn’t go your way, huh Korihor? That means, it’s your fault, and your fault only.

So, we now have the god of the Zoramites:
1. he’s cool, so those he saves have to be cool, too. If you aren’t cool, you lose your salvation.
2. fall out of grace with the priests = lose your salvation. This keeps control tight.
3. have others build your synagogues for you.
4. go there once a week, go up so everyone can see you and your riches and clothes, repeat a rote prayer. (I guess rote isn’t easy if you don’t have a great memory, but most people can memorize if they put their heart into it.)
5. don’t bother with religion the rest of the time, which time has to be dedicated to making money/ being cool so you can remain “saved”.
6. no other commandments.
7. no revelation. You don’t need it, anyway—you’re saved already so you can devote your time to this life. Things not working out? That’s just god saying you’re losing his grace, I guess.
8. other religion? Just foolishness.


  1. Hi
    What a good blog this is.I appreciate your insight concerning the “God of Convience”. I was a member of a religious organization for 10 years that followed these same principles. They believed that God was Spirit (as in no corpeal body), Jesus Christ was just an exalted man, not really the son of God,and the Holy Spirit was a figment of God’s imagination. They discredited the bible as a whole,saying that the old testament wasn’t for our day and time, the new testament was full of errors,and they only taught the epistles. Oh yes the book of Revelation was Star Wars,the rapture was for a chosen few and when you die,you die,no resurrection, etc. Now at the time, I believed them to a point, but I was brought up to believe that at least Jesus Christ was God’s only begotten Son. I think that’s what saved me. So,I was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS, 4 years ago.I am only now beginning to really appreciate the book of Mormon,and even the Bible.
    Thank you

    Comment by Ramona Gordy — 2011, June 21 @ 7:16 pm

  2. Thank you for sharing, Ramona.

    Comment by grego — 2011, June 22 @ 11:48 am

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