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2011, May 21

LDS/ Mormon: Energy Healing vs. the False Religion of Western Medicine; the Doctor as Savior; the Patient’s Atonement” by grego

LDS/ Mormon and Healing: Energy Healing vs. the False Religion of Western Medicine; the Doctor as Savior; the Patient’s Atonement


I was talking to someone who couldn’t understand why people would choose Western medicine over energy healing.

See, a common relative is considering surgery (for a minor problem; nothing life-threatening about it) that would require at least two surgeries, literally years of pain and suffering, lots of money (but insurance will pay for some!), continued use of minor medical devices… and no guarantee of success or improvement.

The person talking to me mentioned to this relative that the same problem might be solved quicker, faster, painlessly, and cheaper using non-invasive energy healing.

Nope. “Why would I want to do that?”

HUH?? The person continued, “Maybe because of all the pain?” The relative responded: “Pain makes you stronger.”

Anyway, I first reminded the person talking to me that not long ago, they probably would have chosen the same!

I figured there were three main reasons people would make such a decision:
1. they don’t understand the trauma and destruction that come from surgery and synthetic substances (pharmaceutical drugs). Yes, if it’s “necessary”, do it; but know that even cutting a mole off, for example, comes at a price.

2. they don’t understand/ they can’t grasp/ can’t even consider the thought of the conspiracy of the AMA medical system (not all the people in it, eh): “make money first”, “keep them coming back for more”, using methods that don’t work, fighting new knowledge/ research and change; etc.

3. (this surprised me, as it just kind of came out while we were talking:) People feel guilty. The great majority know, subconsciously, that they did something wrong and that is probably why they are sick (at least to some degree). They know they’ve done something wrong in their stewardship over their mind and body, and have either violated God’s or nature’s laws. And, more often than not, they don’t want to repent or change.

Because of this guilt, they are willing to accept punishment as atonement/ payment for their sins.

Punishment/ atonement comes in the form of:
a. pain;
b. high monetary costs;
c. dependency/ slavery on pharmaceuticals and accepting their side-affects;
d. dependency on surgery, the trauma, the possibility of death, the helplessness, etc.
e. for this to be really effective for the patient, however, they must accept the doctor as their “savior” and nurses as (his) angels and submit to their authority and will.

And thus we have the false religion of Western medicine that many, including LDS/ Mormons, believe in and religiously follow.
(Note that this is different than someone who doesn’t follow those steps with Western medicine, but gets good advice, asks questions, checks stats, and makes a truly informed decision as possible.)

Let’s look at a scenario:
–A man who eats steak buffet every day gets cancer.
–Somewhere in his life, he’s done something wrong he feels guilty about.
–Also, he knows that eating all that meat with its added chemicals, and the processed foods, and the trans fat, etc. aren’t good for him, but he would rather continue eating it than stop.
–He feels even guiltier, and feels that his punishment is just. Nevertheless, he knows you can’t just do nothing about it, right?
–He goes to the doctor; the doctor says to get surgery and chemotherapy.
–He suffers, complains a little, prays about it, and almost always submits. (Besides, that other stuff is just *too weird*!!) He knows he will come out “stronger” and “better” for it.
–Others feel sorry for him.
–Led by his savior and his angels (doctor and nurses), he battles and struggles “heroically” against the bad, bad CANCER and seems to be winning for a while. The surgery was successful! But he does chemo anyway, on top of that, to make sure the enemy is beaten.
–The bad, bad cancer mysteriously “comes back” a while later.
–The doctor and nurses are baffled. “It’s fate.”
–The man dies. (Yes, relying on just western medicine for cancer, for example, always ends this way. If someone lived, they changed something to make it happen!)

Let’s take a look at the same scenario, but with possible energy healing and many other alternative healing instead of Western medicine:
–A man who eats steak buffet every day gets cancer.
–Somewhere in his life, he’s done something wrong he feels guilty about.
–Also, he knows that eating all that meat with its added chemicals, and the processed foods, and the trans fat, etc. aren’t good for him, but he would rather continue eating than stop.
–He feels guilty, and feels that his punishment is just.

–He realizes that whether he gets better or not depends mostly on him—not anyone else—and it’s his responsibility.
–He realizes that he needs help; he also realizes that (as published in a medical magazine itself) chemotherapy is useless. He knows that anytime surgery is performed to get rid of cancer, it comes back with a vengeance within 5 years at the most (and usually sooner).

So instead, he looks into and chooses alternative options:
–He realizes that cancer is not a disease, but usually a last-chance desperate call from the body that its condition is not good, and that resulted from problems he has never taken care of.
–He calls a muscle tester, who helps him understand and get clear about what he is doing wrong, what he is doing right, and what to do to change the situation.
–He “takes care of” those emotional problems with EFT (emotional freedom technique), maybe over the phone. (By the way, this should not, and for LDS, does not, take the place of being forgiven by God.)
–He uses Quantum Touch (over the phone), Yuen Method (over the phone), chakra healing (over the phone), applied kinesiology or some other form, food, herbs and other plant medicines, natural products, EMF clearing, and so much more to heal the cancer and *especially the conditions that led to it*. He realizes that it’s not much use to get rid of the result (cancer) if the causes (EMF disturbances, emotional trauma, toxins, cellular respiration problems, etc.) are still there!
–There is little suffering, except for having to change his lifestyle, especially the eating part (and fortunately, energy healing such as EFT, Quantum Entrainment, and QuickPulse can even help with this, too.)
–Perhaps he wants others to feel sorry for himself, and finds that out, then takes care of that with energy healing. OR There is no need or desire for others to feel sorry for him. He takes care of all reasons he might want to be a victim.
–He is very grateful to all those who helped him heal and taught him much about life and proper living. They know they helped him, but they know *he* was responsible for his outcome.
–He goes with the flow. Heroism is in that, and living with purpose, etc.—not in struggling to death valiantly against a fake enemy brought upon oneself.
–He lives. (No, not guaranteed, but much, much better chances—even a likely scenario, as many people who heal cancer—not “survive” cancer (which is medical talk for “outlived the normal early death this type of cancer brings”, even if it’s two years)—can attest to.)
–He rarely, if ever, makes “cancer survivor” a strong part of his personal identity.

So, where do you put your power in your healing? Is it all “outside” you, or do you meld the “outside” with the “inside” for recovery?

I wonder if the reason why many LDS are reluctant to consider alternative medicine is because they fear to view themselves as their own saviors/ feel it’s too prideful; yet, LDS believe that “we know that it is by grace that we are saved, *after all we can do*” (2 Nephi 25:23). And, why would we feel that way, then want others to save us? Isn’t this still a false solution?

Elder Oaks also mentioned an interesting quote in his talk on healing (Healing the Sick, ) which also hints at the patient as needing to do more than just “get cut and pop pills”:
“Latter-day Saints believe in applying the best available scientific knowledge and techniques. We use nutrition, exercise, and other practices to preserve health, and we enlist the help of healing practitioners, such as physicians and surgeons, to restore health.
The use of medical science is not at odds with our prayers of faith and our reliance on priesthood blessings. When a person requested a priesthood blessing, Brigham Young would ask, “*Have you used any remedies?” To those who said no because “we wish the Elders to lay hands upon us, and we have faith that we shall be healed,” President Young replied: “That is very inconsistent according to my faith. If we are sick, and ask the Lord to heal us, and to do all for us that is necessary to be done, according to my understanding of the Gospel of salvation… It appears consistent to me to apply every remedy that comes within the range of my knowledge, and [then] to ask my Father in Heaven … to sanctify that application to the healing of my body*.”

So, whatever you do, realize *your* life, *your* body, and *your* decisions are your responsibility of stewardship; and whatever else you use to help, don’t let it become a false religion.


  1. Do you have a reference for the quote by Brigham Young?

    Comment by Tammy Ward — 2014, March 18 @ 12:46 am

  2. Hi Tammy:

    Discourses of Brigham Young, sel. John A. Widtsoe (1954), 163.

    About 1/3 of the way down (search “remedies” in your browser), more of the context:


    Comment by grego — 2014, March 18 @ 3:08 am

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