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2011, April 22

“The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints/ LDS/ Mormons: Are Jesus and Satan Brothers? But the Bible Doesn’t Say So! ” by grego

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints/ LDS/ Mormons: Are Jesus and Satan Brothers? But the Bible Doesn’t Say So!


Are Jesus and Satan brothers? I guess that depends on what you mean. Frankly, I don’t think 9/10 of the people asking this question or getting caught up on this question understand what they’re asking.

Before you were born, you already existed, as a spirit. We all have—everyone who has lived on this earth, or will. We have a common father of our spirits—Heavenly Father, or God (the Father).

Jesus was the firstborn of the spirit children. Everyone else that has to do with our earth was either His little spirit brother or sister. That includes not only you and your family, but Satan, all the wicked people, and all the demons.

We really are one big family.

Heavenly Father chose Jesus to be the Christ, but Lucifer (/Satan/ the devil) didn’t like that idea, and convinced others his idea was better, and God wasn’t good (or something like that).

Satan and those that followed him made some wrong choices, lost blessings and opportunities, and had to leave home. Being miserable, they decided to make others miserable, too, and thus continued their quest of disobeying and rebelling against God. They tempt humans to also disobey and rebel against God, but generally only have as much power over them as the humans allow.

They are still spirits, and will remain that way (at least a long time, possibly forever, who knows).

Everyone else who stayed loyal to God came/ will come to earth and gain a body.

Is that clearer? Now, any further questions about all that? I’ll try to answer. :)

But it’s not in the Bible, is it? (Ha, listening to different preachers, you’ll find out that they all have different ideas about what’s in the same Bible.) You can find references that allude to much of the above, but no, you will not find it all in the Bible.

Then, how can one know? Why, the same way all that was written in the Bible could be the word of God—it came from God to a person. It was revealed. And much of the above came to Joseph Smith or other prophets and apostles. A small part of it is shown in the Book of Mormon, and more is in the Doctrine and Covenants. Then more is in other teachings of the prophets and apostles.

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