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2011, April 13

“2010 November General Conference: President Henry B. Eyring’s Story about President Kimball in ‘Serve with the Spirit’ Makes More Sense Now” by grego

“2010 November General Conference: President Henry B. Eyring’s Story about President Kimball in ‘Serve with the Spirit’ Makes More Sense Now”


We were reading President Eyring’s talk “Serve with the Spirit” for Priesthood meeting and once more I ran into the story about President Kimball (
We need not worry about knowing the right thing to say or do when we get there. The love of God and the Holy Spirit may be enough. When I was a young man I feared that I would not know what to do or to say to people in great need.

Once I was at the hospital bedside of my father as he seemed near death. I heard a commotion among the nurses in the hallway. Suddenly, President Spencer W. Kimball walked into the room and sat in a chair on the opposite side of the bed from me. I thought to myself, “Now here is my chance to watch and listen to a master at going to those in pain and suffering.”

President Kimball said a few words of greeting, asked my father if he had received a priesthood blessing, and then, when Dad said that he had, the prophet sat back in his chair.

I waited for a demonstration of the comforting skills I felt I lacked and so much needed. After perhaps five minutes of watching the two of them simply smiling silently at each other, I saw President Kimball rise and say, “Henry, I think I’ll go before we tire you.”

I thought I had missed the lesson, but it came later. In a quiet moment with Dad after he recovered enough to go home, our conversation turned to the visit by President Kimball. Dad said quietly, “Of all the visits I had, that visit I had from him lifted my spirits the most.”

President Kimball didn’t speak many words of comfort, at least that I could hear, but he went with the Spirit of the Lord as his companion to give the comfort. I realize now that he was demonstrating the lesson President Monson taught: “How does one magnify a calling? Simply by performing the service that pertains to it.”

I didn’t get it the first time. I didn’t get it the second time, either.

Then, a few days later, I remembered an incident that happened on my mission.

My mission was not easy, there were many trials, I had personal problems, etc., yet I tried to have the Spirit in a very worldly place. It seemed like a lot of work for few results.

I was in a district of eight missionaries, and two-four of them weren’t, shall we say, fond of me. We were eating at a member’s house, when the cute missionary-aged daughter looked at me and suddenly started laughing. When asked why she was laughing, she waved the question off, which of course just fanned the desire to know even more. The two-four pressed her, hoping to get a juicy laugh or joke on Elder grego, perhaps to pass around the mission. So she told everyone this account:
She had a coworker who hated guys, hoped to never get married much less fall in love, always said bad things about them, etc. Then one day, on the bus, this gal saw a guy and couldn’t stop looking at him. The more she looked, for some reason, the more her heart was softened. After a few minutes, her heart had changed. No, it wasn’t lust, it wasn’t about the guy; she just felt an overpowering feeling of love, and her negative, even hateful feelings towards men… just changed. She then noticed a name tag: “Elder grego” “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”. Knowing that her coworker was a member of the church, she told her what had happened.

The missionaries looked absolutely stunned. (And disappointed.)

I was pretty stunned and amazed myself, eh.

I had never said a word. I might not have even looked at her. (I have no clue who she was.) It really wasn’t about me, I’m pretty sure.

And even though I wasn’t sure why then, and I’m not sure why now, it happened. And it helped me understand better the story President Eyring related.

As an extra: if the coworker had never related that story to the member, and if the member had never related that story to me, I never would have known. How many incidents, how many times—for better or for worse—don’t we ever know/ are things hidden from us? What will it be like, when life is over and our eyes are opened to everything?

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  1. What a great story about being a positive influence just by BEING on the Lord’s errand.

    I think it is possible to study these to stories and find a number of principles at work that also makes them different.
    Story about President Kimball:
    -Elder Eyring’s father knew that President Kimball cared about him
    -President Kimball was focused on Elder Eyring’s father

    Story about you:
    -The coworker saw you as different from her strongly held views.
    -The coworker was given a gift of love from God through the Spirit as she looked at you, even as you remained unconscious of her examination.

    These stories give me hope right now concerning something I’ve been worried about. Thanks.

    Comment by Michaela Stephens — 2011, April 13 @ 4:10 pm

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