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2011, April 12

“How Do You Turn a Wonderful Christian into a Moronic Jerk in Less than a Second?” by grego

How Do You Turn a Wonderful Christian into a Moronic Jerk in Less than a Second?


I have lots of “drafts” sitting in my draft box, waiting to be completed. I often go there to start, especially when I’m not particularly inspired. There are many times, though, that once there something “pops up” and I’m back to a “New Post” page. This is one of those times.

One of those drafts is titled “A Mormon! A Mormon! Anyone but a Mormon!” and is to be about the USA presidency.

More critical, however, is something on my mind many times over the past years.

I sat by a guy in a high school class year-long; good guy. We talked a lot. Really good Christian, etc.

Unfortunately, he had been brainwashed by his leaders into believing that Mormons were devilish. I glanced through a few anti-Mormon books he brought to class, and thanked him for letting me do so; I guess (now) that he inferred that I was anti-Mormon.
I had no great plan drawn up, or diabolical scheme, or whatever, of misleading him, etc. All year, I was pretty much just “me”.
One day near the end of school I felt a prompting to take a triple combination (Book of Mormon and other scriptures) to school, and he noticed it. He asked what it was, and I let him see it. He thumbed it a second, got red, then quickly handed it back. “Why do you have it?” “It’s mine.” “Why?” “I’m a Mormon.”

He was dumbstruck. Literally. For the rest of the period. And longer. Not that he didn’t want to talk. He couldn’t talk.

I would see him get red, look at me, start to say something, think, then shake his head and look away. Or some variation of that. All in all, one word summed it up best: confused.

I guess he felt the same way about me, as I about him. But he couldn’t understand how I was both a good person AND a “good” Mormon—I guess those two were supposed to be incompatible. (Maybe he figured that those Mormons really were devils, able to appear as such sheep, when in fact they were just wolves in sheep’s clothing…)

It took a few days, but he got his voice back; after that, things weren’t like they had been; but the year still ended somewhat amicably. (I guessed right that he would write some bad things in my yearbook about it, and I thought about sharing my testimony in his yearbook, but I decided it would be better not to; I had already done so in person.)

That guy was not a hypocritical Christian, but one who seemed to do his best (and it was good) at being a Christian.

That brings me to other experiences, on the internet.

It’s disheartening to see so many Christians who “get it” in so many ways, have great intentions, and would make wonderful partners in working together to do good and uphold truly Christian principles and the Constitution, and could surely be an example to and teach members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints about much—then lose it all and close their doors and lock them as soon as “Mormon” is brought up (similarly as my friend did).

I have posted on some of these good Christian websites, but the posts never make it up—even if I include nothing about Mormons except this website address when it asks for one in the identification process. They can’t even edit out my website address, and add my positive comment.

I have heard and seen all kinds of similar things on Christian discussion boards.

It seems that any type of common ground, whether sought or not, is denied as much as possible. I understand much better now: of course no Christian wants to say members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints/ Mormons are Christians; that finds common ground.

For some reason, that word—“Mormon”—is so powerful it can make otherwise wonderful Christians turn into moronic jerks in less than a second.

So, if this continues (and I’m sure it will), perhaps in the coming days Christians will take a stand against the church of Satan/ Illuminati and the government—pretty much by themselves. And when help is needed, and they are desperate beyond measure, they’ll turn to those they ignored/ cast out/ persecuted before and cry for help—and the help will come.

Hold on, brother, hold on!

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