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2011, March 26

“A Short Analysis of the Children’s Cartoon TV Show ‘Growing Up Creepie’: Episode ‘Operation Monarch Liberation'” and Its Link to and Messages about the CIA’s Mind Control of Operation Monarch (Butterfly) Victims” by grego

A Short Analysis of the Children’s Cartoon TV Show ‘Growing Up Creepie’: Episode ‘Operation Monarch Liberation'” and Its Link to and Messages about the CIA’s Mind Control of Operation Monarch (Butterfly) Victims


This TVY7 (for children 7 and up)-rated episode was pretty interesting: “Growing Up Creepie – Operation Monarch Liberation” (found at

I’ll do a very quick analysis of the episode. This episode is really dark when you understand a little of the background.

The title says quite a bit: “Operation Monarch Liberation”. Read it this way “Operation Monarch” Liberation. It could have been called many other things: Operation Liberate Monarchs, Operation Monarch Butterflies, Operation Monarch Butterflies Release, Operation Butterflies… Nope. And there’s a good reason for it.

In a very quick summary (you used to be able to find a lot on the internet; there is still some; search “mind control” + “operation monarch” or variations if you dare–it gets pretty gross): Operation Monarch “was”/ is a secret government program under MK Ultra/ Operation Artichoke about mind-controlling children through inflicting deep trauma (such as violence, sexual abuse, and extreme fear) to split personalities and carry out others’ will, and using “repersonalityizing”, scripts, trigger words, self-destruct mechanisms, etc. The most famous is Cathy O’Brien. (If this little scenario is wrong in details, it’s correct in principles.)

So when you’re reading through this script, keep in mind that “monarch butterflies” = mind-control victims (children).

So here’s the episode recap:

The class shows up at the monarch butterfly sanctuary.
Old man teacher: “Welcome…sanctuary—a haven of peace and safety for the king of the insect world—the Monarch butterfly…”
Creepie: “Looks like a giant cage, if you ask me. Why would any butterfly wanna be cooped up here?”
The answer the boy gives: “They get plenty of milkweed, and they’re safe from their natural predators…”
One girl loves them and wants to take them home, but then says her “daddy would spray them with *toxic* pesticides”.
Boy (commenting about girl to Creepie): “Exterminators.”
Which is followed right by this:
Teacher: “Don’t be deceived by the monarch’s delicate beauty. Their orange color signals that they may be *toxic* (stressed) to the birds that feed on them.”
The girl laughs diabolically.
Creepie: “This isn’t right; insects should be free, like anyone else; not held against their will, like prisoners.”
The girl laughs diabolically again.

Creepie asks a butterfly: “How long you in for?”
“I’m in for life–all six weeks of it.” [Children are in for life—however short it usually is (rumor is no more than 40 years old).]
Creepie: “It’s terrible.”
Then come lots of excuses from the butterflies—it’s ok. “It’s not so bad. We were born here. We grew up here. It’s all we’ve ever known. You play the hand you’re dealt, kid.”
Creepie: “This isn’t right. Butterflies should be free to experience the outside world.”
Butterfly: “What’s an ‘outside world’?”
Creepie: “Wa… that does it.
Boy: “Having fun, Creepie?”
Creepie: “Sure, if you think watching others being imprisoned against their will is… fun.”
Boy: “I don’t know—they look pretty happy to me.”
Creepie: “Happy? … They don’t know the meaning of the word. And I’m not going to suffer one more minute watching them suffer.”

A butterfly lands on the teacher’s nose, and he laughs as he says, “That tickles.” ”
[Subliminal sexual imagery? Absolutely. One of the main roles many Operation Monarch victims play is children and adult prostitutes.]

Creepie isn’t happy; she’s bothered by the butterflies “all locked up and miserable.”
Bug: “Well, did they tell you they were miserable, dear?”
Creepie: “That’s the worst part—they don’t even know what they’re missing. Open skies, the chance to migrate… they deserve the same freedom every bug deserves.”

So, Creepie will try to liberate the “butterflies” (victims of Operation Monarch) in “Operation Monarch Liberation”.

Her friends don’t want to help for charitable reasons. She pays them.

She opens the hatch, goes in, and is mistaken as a spider. Then, she says “Attention captive butterflies. Tonight, you are free. Have fun. Do whatever you want.”

The butterflies say they like it where they are and complain. Her friends say “It looks like they have it pretty good here. Free food…”

She explains what she’s doing. They don’t want to go. Finally, she says, “…Don’t you want to see what you’re missing? … All you have to do is fly through that window.”

An excuse is given; then they go.

Creepie assumes they are now behaving like “normal” butterflies.

In fact, they haven’t left town.

The butterflies like the outside world, and are loved. Then problems with normal citizens start. They soon learn that they can’t live in the outside world. They are rejected by the normal citizens. The butterflies go wild.

Creepie figures it’s best to get them back to the sanctuary, offers them free food, and takes them back.

The last butterfly line in the script,right before they fly back into the sanctuary: “Hey, look, we’re back. It was great, kid; but, *there’s no place like home*”. Heard that before? Of course, that is Dorothy’s famous line in “The Wizard of Oz”. Hey, what a coincidence, eh? That’s the main movie/ script used to “program” mind control into the Operation Monarch’s victim’s minds.

Creepie: “Ok, don’t say it. I’ll say it myself. I should have minded my own business. But at least the butterflies are happy again.”
Boy: “That’s a relief.”
Then it shifts to snakes as the cartoon ends…

Creepie ends: “…The great monarch migration mystery. Wicked.”

A children’s cartoon?? Hardly.

This is nothing more than a very sick script specially written for all mind-control victims (future, past, present, future) and those who might want to help them.

It’s like saying straight-out: “Message to all good people:
Don’t help Operation Monarch victims who have been mind-controlled. You can’t help them. They were born into it, that’s their lot in life. You can’t make them any happier than where they are now, doing what they do, no matter how much you care and want to help them. Besides, if they say they are happy, who are to say they aren’t? Helping them will only cause trouble to normal citizens and hurt the butterflies in the process. Let them stay safe where they are.”


Because that’s exactly the message wicked people want going out.

Besides, monarchs that stay in the safety of the sanctuary have free milkweed and safety from *natural* predators!!

It’s not hidden anymore to anyone with half a clue. Now it’s even in children’s cartoons.


  1. An excellent example of manipulating “minds” by using NLP.

    Comment by Xmatch — 2011, May 15 @ 3:52 am

  2. Ha, I agree. I seriously doubt a summer intern in script-writing got their chance on this one! ;)

    Comment by grego — 2011, May 16 @ 4:27 am

  3. It’s really a great and helpful piece of info. I am happy that you just shared this useful info with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

    Comment by subliminal messages in cartoons — 2011, October 25 @ 9:39 am

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