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2011, February 16

“American Prison/ Concentration/ Detention Camps: For LDS/ Mormons, Freedom-Lovers, and Debtors?” by grego

American Prison/ Concentration/ Detention Camps: For LDS/ Mormons, Freedom-Lovers, and Debtors?


Ok, this will sound far out to most everyone. Think of this, though: to the Jews in Germany, to the Japanese in the USA during World War II, and to the Muslims recently in Guantanamo, it was all some freak impossible illusion before it happened, too, right?

I’m not going to go into a whole lot of explanation, evidence, or otherwise here about these camps that are spread out all across America, ALREADY built and waiting; many other websites have done that very well. (No, you haven’t heard about this on the news, and you won’t hear it on the news. Sure, some people have mixed this stuff up with aliens and other stuff… get over it.;) ) If you want more info, search the internet for america+concentration+camp or similar phrase, or look at some of these sites to get an inkling of the info that there is:

If you are a righteous Mormon/ LDS, you will possibly get to experience one of them first-hand in the future. If you love freedom, don’t want to give up and go with the coming change in government, speak out about government abuse, etc., etc., you also will get up close and personal.

Whoops. One more thing.

First, though, a quick review: Joseph in Egypt gathered up all the Egyptian citizens’ money in exchange for food; then their cattle; then their land; then their freedom/ they became slaves.

So here’s that “one more thing”: debt.

Do you have adequate food? If not, what will the government require of you in exchange?

Do you owe money on a house? Do you owe money on a credit card? Do you owe money on an education? Do you owe money to the bank for anything?

I believe that in the future, if you can’t pay it off, you will go to debtors’ prison.

So even if you avoid standing out or standing up, if you owe, you will go—or become a fugitive.

When you get there, will you work like many in the concentration camps before you did, to pay for your “food and housing”; and then—if there is any left—to pay the interest on your debts; and then—if there is any left—to pay for your old debts?



  1. UPDATE:

    For the unbelievers in this, note this interesting happening: .

    Hmmm… For some reason, legally saved copies of the Police State FEMA Camps episode (and a little more) of Jesse Ventura’s TV show are being erased without consent, left out of the series, etc.—and there is no explanation from the company.

    And hey, look here: . That episode is missing from the set, too…

    I guess the message is that it’s OK to talk about what the government has done in the past in some ways, but *not* about what it plans to do in the future!

    Comment by grego — 2011, April 18 @ 3:20 am

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