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2011, February 15

“Black Magic/ Negative Energy and Sacred Geometry: Other Purposes for LDS/ Mormon Temple Garments?” by grego

“Black Magic/ Negative Energy and Sacred Geometry: Other Purposes for LDS/ Mormon Temple Garments?”


Many people don’t understand temple garments (religious underwear) very well. Perhaps at least those who understand more about hidden or fringe things will understand better after this.

Temple garments are to be worn by those who have received their endowment in the temple.

Sometimes peopledon’t like wearing them. As clothes, I often don’t like them, either; in fact, I have really disliked them. (The first ones I used to have were sewn terribly—they started out even on the sides under the arms, then twisted so that they were off by maybe more than two inches at the bottom!). But I look at them like I look at seat belts—I don’t like wearing a seat belt, either, but I always do. (Same with my motorcycle helmet—and it’s a great feeling to ride without one!). Why? I understand I’m not “wearing a thing”; I’m giving up a little freedom and comfort by wearing something that will protect me and likely save my life in times of need.

I have heard accounts by people I know about physical (my stake president not chainsawing his leg off when the saw dropped on his leg), spiritual/ paranormal (against evil spirits, for example), and “reminder” protection (for example, when a roommate who was stripping to fornicate had his garments “wake him up”). I don’t doubt those stories. Personally, I don’t remember anything similar and strong that I can clearly point to with my experiences—but then, that’s just like I can’t clearly point to anything good that’s come from lots of other good and accepted habits, either. (Unfortunately, I have had some of those experiences with a seatbelt and a helmet…)

I have thought of two other possible reasons for temple garments recently.

One is black magic/ dark energy work. Every practicing public energy worker offering services that I’ve read about uses energy for the good. On the other hand, I am aware that it’s unlikely something like this is only used for the good, as in my experience evil can almost always find a way to manipulate good things for bad purposes, or find the opposite force and use it. For example, searching “black magic” brings up lots of spells for cursing people; then there’s Australian aboriginal spirit killings/ “bone pointing”. I have little doubt that the true church of Satan and others are doing their best at learning about and using negative energy against good people, and more.

The other came from thinking about “sacred geometry” (which actually has nothing to do with Mormonism/ the LDS Church—you can perform an internet search on that term, in quotes, to find out much more). In this, certain geometric shapes and designs on or around living things increases their vitality, longevity, etc. Perhaps there is something here, too…

UPDATE: maybe garments help with other energy forces, too, like EMF?

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