Book of Mormon Notes– How deep can you dig?

2011, February 6

LDS/ Mormon: Energy Work and Healing: From Satan, God, or Man?

LDS/ Mormon: Energy Healing: From Satan, God, or Man?


In addition to this post, I suggest the interested reader continue by reading:

“Book of Mormon: Three Spirits: God, Devil, and Man” by grego

“LDS/ Mormon Energy Healing: Occult, New Age, or Complementary with the Gospel and LDS Church?: A Critique of the Article ‘Energy Healing'” by grego

In my experience, most energy healing falls under the spirit of man, though they can be tools for God or Satan. It is generally accepted that most can only work on good principles, though they are disguised to members of the LDS church as evil (ironic, eh?).
And I have run into some that are clearly not of God.

As with all things, try their spirit!

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