Book of Mormon Notes– How deep can you dig?

2010, December 29

“Satan’s Greatest Lie” by grego

“Satan’s Greatest Lie”


Learning about the pre-existence and the council in heaven, we hear about two plans: Heavenly Father/ God’s plan (and Jesus’ willingness to be the Savior in it), and Satan’s plan.

Satan’s plan was that he would force everyone to be good, and everyone would be saved.

We hear about the need for agency/ the ability to choose in order to develop etc., so Heavenly Father’s plan was better, etc.

Here’s another thought: Not only was Heavenly Father’s way the best way, it was the only way.

Especially, Satan’s plan was not just the worse plan, but it was… impossible.

It was a big lie—Satan’s greatest lie. It never would have worked. Even if Heavenly Father had given him his full cooperation, Satan never would have been able to have gotten it to work, much less pulled it off. It was nothing more than propaganda. His plan conflicted with governing laws; it was in direct violation of eternal laws.

He tried to get some glory another way, persuading other spirits to follow and honor him like a king. (It never really was about them, just about him. It worked—kind of. It got him some followers, but I don’t know about the glory part…) That got them all kicked out of heaven, and Satan became the king of the fallen ones, the spirits that would not get bodies, an important part of eternal progress.

Satan and his followers’ misery et. al. forces them to try to get others on earth to follow them and be miserable, too; trying to force others to follow Satan’s will and give him glory by obeying him instead of God. (Hey, who cares if love isn’t a part of it, eh?!)

So, one of the first steps when dealing with “plans” (or in clearer words, propaganda): would it even work? Would it even be feasible, for PC or non-PC reasons? Is it in violation of eternal principles?

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