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2010, September 23

“10 Reasons to Be Faithful (to Your Spouse)” by grego

“10 Reasons to Be Faithful (to Your Spouse)”

(c) 2010

Not being the best at self-control and spirituality all the time, I find the following list helps me at whatever level I’m at—as it has something for most levels. Nice LDS/ Mormon reminders to keep me in line with God’s commandments, and with a good life.

In no particular order:

**STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases).
It’s not just AIDS that you have to worry about by wearing protection. There are some really scary ones out there that there is no protection for—and being faithful avoids half the problems.

**Angry people.
This can include your spouse’s dad and his shotgun, brothers, sisters and girl friends, boy friends, etc. You can avoid bringing their wrath down on you by remaining faithful.

**More angry people.
This can include the unfaithful helped-you-cheat person’s dad and his shotgun, brothers, sisters and girl friends, boy friends, etc. You can avoid bringing their wrath down on you by remaining faithful.

**Getting used/ set-up/ blackmailed/ robbed/ killed/ etc.
You know your intentions in the relationship, but what are the other person’s? Are you really sure that innocent little pussy’s not going to scratch your face, or doesn’t have some tomcat in the alley?

**Angry spouse.
Does the image of a woman holding your unit in one hand and a bloody knife in the other give you warm fuzzies? You might never know what your spouse might do, even if they had to go crazy to do it… Good luck getting back to a good relationship.

**Angry dumped cheater.
Two words: “Fatal Attraction”. One word: stalker. Two words: life ruiner.

Oh, you believed her when she said she was on birth control? Sorry! Now you get to pay for a child that will never really be yours in any way—other than a financial and legal responsibility.

**Loss of resources.
Time, energy, money, concentration, etc. Put them all into your spousal relationship, see if it doesn’t get better. Spouse not really willing? Put them into something else, make your life and others’ lives better.

**No use of the priesthood.
Think about what this could mean—no blessings of any type to anyone, including your children on their deathbed. Can you say “guilt”?

**Reputation shot.
Some girls like players, but most worth being with, don’t. Pretty simple, eh?

**Forced marriage.

(Ok, so that was 11…)

In closing, I’ll share a real story. My friend’s husband cheated on her (married a second wife, didn’t tell her). He got in a motorcycle accident, was seriously injured, and second wife—in it for the sex and money—bailed immediately. First wife was kind enough to take care of him, but they had separate bedrooms, never had sex again, and never went back to the relationship they once had. I think he died an unhappy man.

Be faithful!!

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