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2010, August 5

“Book of Mormon: Alma’s Interesting Twist on Cause and Effect in Prophecy in Alma 13:26–Events Occur to Fulfill Prophecies” by grego

“Book of Mormon: Alma’s Interesting Twist on Cause and Effect in Prophecy in Alma 13:26–Events Occur to Fulfill Prophecies” by grego

(c) 2010

I generally understand that things (will) happen (“the cause”), and prophecies are made (“the effect”). A prophecy is just foretelling something that is bound to happen. The spirit of prophecy lets one know what will happen in the future, and one can then say something about it.

However, in Alma 13:26, Alma reverses the explanation: the prophecy (according to the spirit of prophecy) is “the cause”, and the events are “the effects” or results:

Alma 13:26 And it shall be made known unto just and holy men, by the mouth of angels, at the time of his coming, *that the words of our fathers may be fulfilled, according to that which they have spoken concerning him, which was according to the spirit of prophecy which was in them*.

It’s a little like Newtonian physics vs. chaos theory.

UPDATE: Reading the Bible recently, I found this:
John 19:28 Ҧ After this, Jesus knowing that all things were now accomplished, *that the scripture might be fulfilled*, saith, I thirst.
In other words, Jesus did this to fulfill prophecy.

A slightly different version, same principle, maybe clearer to understand:
3 Nephi 5:14 And it hath become expedient that I, according to the will of God, *that the prayers of those who have gone hence, who were the holy ones, should be fulfilled according to their faith*, should make a record of these things which have been done–

Mosiah 21:2 And it came to pass that after many days the Lamanites began again to be stirred up in anger against the Nephites, and they began to come into the borders of the land round about.
Mosiah 21:3 Now they durst not slay them, because of the oath which their king had made unto Limhi; but they would smite them on their cheeks, and exercise authority over them; and began to put heavy burdens upon their backs, and drive them as they would a dumb ass–
Mosiah 21:4 Yea, *all this was done that the word of the Lord might be fulfilled*.

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