Book of Mormon Notes– How deep can you dig?

2010, July 5

“Book of Mormon Geography and Hebrew/ ‘Jewishness'” by grego

“Book of Mormon Geography and Hebrew/ ‘Jewishness'”

(c) 2010

I am surprised that so much of Book of Mormon geography relies on Hebrew/ ‘Jewishness’ for evidence of its correctness. Book of Mormon setting in Malaysia? Well, some of the customs are so Jewish. Tennessee? Well, ancient Jewish writing was found there. New Mexico? The same. Central America? Well, some Jewish words seem to have found their way into the language.

And so it goes, on and on. Does it really work that way?

No, I don’t think so; for a few reasons:
1. Lehi et. al. once lived at Jerusalem for a long period, true. But Laman and Lemuel were likely too lazy and unaccomplished to actually make their new land and culture similar to Jerusalem in any way. Nephi wasn’t particularly fond of the ways of the Jews. Much of the Mulekite culture was likely, at minimum, corrupted.
2. Most things would have been destroyed or lost.
3. Many LDS/ Mormons have this incorrect belief that anything Hebrew/ Jewish in the New World, or anywhere “where it shouldn’t be”, means or leads to “Book of Mormon”. That is far from the case, for many reasons. I will point the reader to my Book of Mormon article, “Nephi and Jacob’s ‘Isles of the Sea’ Others versus Modern Prophets’ Hagoth and Polynesians: Time to Re-evaluate ‘Descendants of Hagoth’ and ‘Lehites’ (Like with Lamanites and the Priesthood Ban)?” by grego, where the Nephi and Jacob show that this is not the case.

I will also add here one possible event—the story of the Hawaiians, from Huna.

“… the incredible similarities between the Hawaiian magick and that of the Berber tribe in the Atlas Mountains of North Africa where he studied in his youth. The Hawaiian words were the same except for small dialect differences. There seems to be a starteling connection between the Berbers and the Polynesians because the languages are not at all related. The two peoples had either been a part of the same stock or had contact somewhere in ancient times.

The tribal history of the Berber’s told of that of 12 tribes of people each having kahunas. They had lived in the Saraha Desert when it was fertile and green land with flowing rivers. They moved into the Nile Valley after the rivers dried up. These people used their magic to help cut, carry and place the building blocks of the Great Pyramid. From there, the kahunas had forseen a time of darkness approaching. To preserve the secret of the magick, the 12 tribes decided to hunt for new fertile lands to occupy until the time was right to again emerge into the world. Eleven of the tribes set out, their kahunas using psychic means to locate a new land and moved alone either the African coast or India and after a period of years with no word, the 12th tribe assumed they were lost. The 12th tribe now set out to find new land, instead going north to settle into the Atlas Mountains.

This tribal history linked the Polynesians up with North Africans and possibly Egypt. The oral legend of the Hawaiian’s people contain little information with the exception of the Polynesian people coming from a far away land. They set out to find the lush fertile lands their kahunas had clairvoyantly seen. They do tell of moving along the “Red Sea of Kane” which corresponds with the idea that they came from Egypt by way of the Red Sea.


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