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2010, July 1

“Who Saw Jesus in the Book of Mormon?” by grego

“Who Saw Jesus in the Book of Mormon?”

(c) 2009

Who saw Jesus in the Book of Mormon? (*Not* a final list, eh.)
. Lehi (1 Nephi 1:9)
. Nephi (1 Nephi 11:20-33; 2 Nephi 11:2; 31:17)
. Jacob (2 Nephi 11:3)
. Alma the younger (Alma 36:22)
. Lamoni (Alma 19:13)
. The Nephites/ Lamanites, especially his disciples, at the time of his visit to them after his resurrection (3 Nephi 11-27)
. Mormon, possibly (Mormon 1:15)
. Brother of Jared (Ether 3; 12:20)
. Moroni (Ether 12:39)
(. Isaiah (2 Nephi 11:2))

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  1. While I may not agree with everyone on your list, it would depend on how you defined ‘saw’. If you have a vision of God / the Savior (Lehi) is that the same as seeing him in the flesh (which is what we assume Joseph Smith and the Brother of Jared experienced)? I would add to your list Emer, the son of Omer, in Ether 9:22 who saw the Son of Righteousness. If you are making distinctions (maybe we shouldn’t since seeing Christ in the flesh or in vision is impressive regardless), then I would qualify Lehi’s, Alma the Younger’s, and Lamoni’s accounts as visions. Nephi, Jacob, Isaiah (although biblical), Mormon, Mahonri Moriancumer, Emer, and Moroni appear to be more definitively in the flesh (with Nephi’s, Jacob’s, Isaiah’s, Mahonri Moriancumer’s and Moroni’s accounts being the strongest). Appreciate the quick reference though as I sought to add to my sneaky Emer Book of Mormon trivia question…most people forget Emer (poor guy).

    Comment by Jonathan S Armour — 2021, November 10 @ 9:31 pm

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